Learn to Choose the Lingerie More Appreciate Your Body

For a bath of self-esteem a notch, nothing better that a set of lingerie to make you feel special and fill the eyes of the beloved. For the perfect mix, how about embody a real muse and pose for a few clicks? You can ask to be the photographer and boyfriend play sensual model. But, to invest even in fantasy, what about making a real test? 

For a photographic work sexy-whether it’s homemade or professional-stay cool, the lingerie is so protagonist when his own wife. Reference when it comes to this type of test, the Agency Nude, of São Paulo, created a tutorial to help in choosing appropriate costumes. With it you can decide better what play hide that imperfeiçãozinha and which values the forms. Darcy Toledo photographers Walter and Jane have tips for all kinds of body to be even more appealing in the photos. Jane and Mr. Darcy are pictures of women of all ages(and sizes). And leave beautiful including those who believe that the body isn’t as on top as well. The tricks in costume solve everything. Check out!

If you have small breasts, prefer the padded bras or reinforced padding, to give volume, for example. If the intention is to bring the breasts, those models with zipper in front are ideal. If the chest needs a up, those Bras with padded foam and help push everything up.

Now if you want to hide those folds, flat on the sides of the breasts, choose models with support at the base and wider side.”Another trick is to put a bolero on the BRA, placing the focus of the look on the woman’s lap,” teach.

If you’re pretty skinny, slim-hipped, and want to look gorgeous woman in the photo, prefer panties with thin side, who values the butt. If you have groin folds, prefer the larger models in the front, less dug. Women with small hips may abuse the Daisy Dukes-income, with frilled embossed or in lighter colors, which increase the volume, but not give outer thighs.The panties with ties and whatnot sides put all attention on his hip and accentuate the waist. If you prefer a little more, you can use a water pan, which does the same effect and gives balance to the body.

For those with wide hip they indicate loose pieces, lace hot pants and dark colors. Wide sides, without embellishment, also enhance the contour of the body and hide the chubbiness. If you still get a little embarrassed, can try to shape your body with corsets, who value the bosom, compress the abdomen and even tune the waist.

If the belly is the villain of her sexy photos, prefer more retinhas shirts, no volume, and bodies to assist in the correction of posture. They usually leave the woman more elongated. In this case, also select the corset-now with reinforced sides and without transparent screen, ok?

Then, set the types of play that is going to use, just choose which character will embody. Valley since Lolita-more reserved and romantic, with delicate and full of bows and flowers-even the most daring, which will use daring necklines, or velvet rhinestone pieces and, of course, heels and skirts well short.

If you want to get away from these”fantasies”, you can bet on modern woman and choose lingerie modeling, with vibrant colors and citrus, or more full of attitude, more radical from agooddir.com. There’s room for everything. If you decide to test, open the mind, play with their imagination and discover that the fetish for pictures is all seasoned with the right costume. There’s only release.