Learn the Importance of Psychological Prenatal Care

Maternity brings many transformations and many experts defend the importance of a psychological prenatal.

Learn the Importance of Psychological Prenatal Care

When getting pregnant the woman undergoes different changes in her body, since he is preparing to develop a new life that will stay inside her belly for nine months.

In order for the baby to be born healthy and no problem occurs with the mother, all pregnant women should be in prenatal care, which is regular visits to the obstetrician to perform tests and to know how the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus is.

The changes in the body of a pregnant are the most apparent, but what many people do not know, is that the woman’s mind also undergoes several transformations, becoming necessary to make a psychological prenatal.

Transformations in the Psychological Part of Pregnant

Generating a child brings many changes in all aspects, because, in addition to the changes of the body, also change the routine of the house, personal life, work and everything, so the woman must organize to give all assistance to the new Family member.

Experts say that motherhood is not just a pink moment, where women bring a living being to the world to care for.

But there is also a dark side composed of pain, doubts, difficulties and anxieties, so it is very important, in addition to the follow-up to take care of the physical health of mother and child, a psychological accompaniment.

Psychological prenatal care

Psychological prenatal care is essential because motherhood totally changes the environment where the woman lives because before she was a professional and daughter and suddenly becomes a mother with the responsibility to feed, care and direct another living being of the best possible.

The psychological prenatal aims to prevent diseases such as postpartum depression. It consists of regular therapies with a psychologist or psychiatrist expert in this subject.

Therapies can be done individually or in groups. At some point in the treatment, the father and other family members are invited to participate in therapy, such as the grandparents.

Group therapy is the most advised because the pregnant woman is in a room with several other pregnant women and they share moments and experiences that are happening in the pregnancy.

On the other hand, the individual therapy is more intimate and can give more confidence so that the pregnant woman speaks everything that is worrying. A session lasts about 50 minutes.

Psychological prenatal groups may have 5 to 12 pregnant women. Professionals claim that it can not be less, because it is essential to have a change between pregnant women.

Top questions from pregnant women

In a psychological prenatal, the main doubts of the pregnant women are if they will be able to be mothers, how will be the childbirth and will realize everything that will come.

Mothers who expect babies with some problem receive special treatment.