Learn the Basics of a Trousseau for Your New Home

List Includes Bed, Table And Bath Products

Did you know that the tradition of setting up a trousseau is still high? In the Middle Ages, a bride’s “kit” should consist of bedding, table and bath items, as well as household utensils. The pieces were made by hand by the women of the family and symbolized the rite of passage that transformed the girls into the owners of their own homes.

The tradition of putting on a trousseau is more common among brides, but anyone can assemble the kit for a new house (Photo: Reproduction – Ibitinga Dressmaking)
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The size of the trousseau was directly linked to the status and financial position of the bride’s family. All the pieces were made of white fabric, with embroidered monograms, containing the bride and groom initials or the family crest.
In the middle of the 21st century, traditions have changed, but the need to make a trousseau for the new house remains the same according to HEALTHINCLUDE.
It is true that we can abandon the coats and monograms – a colorful trousseau and the style of the bride and groom is more successful these days. However, some pieces are fundamental for a basic layette. Check the list:
4 sets of sheets;
– 1 blanket;
– 1 blanket or thin duvet;
– 4 pillows;
– 6 pillowcases;
– 1 winter comforter;
– 1 quilt.
4 American games for daily use;
– 8 more refined American games for visits;
– 2 tablecloths;
– 1 rubber towel;
– 12 tea cups;
– 6 floor cloths;
– 1 apron
-1 pair of thermal gloves.
2 robes – one male and one female;
– 4 bath towels and 4 face towels;
– 6 hand towels;
– 2 non-slip bathroom floor towels.