Learn More about This Type of Delivery

In recent times the humanized childbirth (which does not necessarily mean water birth) is gaining popularity and, from it, new ways of bringing a baby into the world began to be discussed. One of the most popular is the water birth, however far too many doubts about the option. Is it safe? Is necessary? What are the advantages of having the baby?

Despite the doubts, this type of delivery is already available in many maternity hospitals. It is also known that many women, with the help of your doctor, choose to deliver in his own domicile, in hot tubs or swimming pools.

In this type of delivery is not possible for the administration of anesthesia. The mother is immersed in water heated to 36 degrees. Scientific studies with women in labour in the first phase-dilation-and phase-expulsion-claim that the immersion in water decreases the pain of childbirth (main advantage).

How is the water birth?

The baby is just a “water” environment-the womb – to another similar temperature. At birth the baby yet will take about 20 seconds for the expansion of the lungs, in which will continue breathing the umbilical cord, so will not drown.
In cases where the mother or the baby need special monitoring, when the baby is very large, or mom doesn’t feel well in hot environments, water birth is totally inappropriate.
For a safe delivery is the place where the mother will be immersed is properly sterilized and warmed. If the delivery is carried out at home, a doctor, Assistant, nurse and ambulance on standby in door are required. If it is performed at the hospital the structure will be the same as an operating room, because in an emergency delivery in the water will be immediately converted to a surgery.
In any case, this new form that pleases many and displeases others is an option. Consider all your and choose the most appropriate and safe for you and your baby.