Learn How to Use Oversized Cardigan

OII loves!

Today I want to talk to you about the modeling of time: the oversized! For those who still do not know what is this modeling, oversized parts are those parts further, larger than the conventional size. In the summer we saw this oversized modeling in vests and t-shirts. Remember the maxi t-shirt?! Those who had side cutouts or fontais and were very long, so it’s oversized!

Now in winter coats, cardigans, denim jackets and tricôs also appeared in this wider modeling (oversized). But of all these pieces that I mentioned, today I want to give special mention to our old friend and companion of winter: the cardigan! It can be wool, knitting, lace, plush … the materials are different.

The maxi cardigan, Knitting or oversized cardigan maxi, whatever talk, is one of those pieces that worth investing this winter! In addition to modern and casual, they are very versatile. A single piece that allows you to create many proposals of looks! I love pieces like this, it’s an investment that really worth it. Always when you go to renew your closet, keep this in mind: the more versatile for the piece, more looks if makes it possible to create with the pieces you already own! Write down a few ways to use it:

* You can use the oversized cardigan like tunic or dress! That’s right, a dress! If the oversized cardigan is button, just close them so they become a dress quickly. If the model does not have button, you can use a belt to close it and turn it into a nice dress!

* If you cannot do without short clothes in winter, like mini skirts and top croppeds for example, invest in oversized cardigan on top to keep aquecid and balance the proportions since the low parts are short.

* With tube dresses and righteous, add the oversized cardigan, it’s going to have a cool air to the production.

* Combo white t-shirt + tennis + jeans never go out of fashion and is super cool. Modernize this visual adapting the oversized cardigan to look!

* For an office look full of style and comfort combine skinny jeans + shirt + pumps and the oversized cardigan!

* For those who are taking the first step in this trend, use the bottom pieces more drained, as skinny trousers and pencil skirt for example. But for those who like to innovate, coordinate with other large parts too!

I already have an oversized cardigan to call my and rode 3 proposals with him to inspire you:

Look 1 /for this first proposal, I arranged a slinky dress with a suede pumps and the oversized cardigan! This proposal is perfect for that special occasion or a more formal commitment.

Look 2 /For this second proposal, combined skinny jeans + t-shirt + sneakers and cardigan overzised! This proposal unlike the first is super casual and cool, perfect for hitting leg around and even to work. You can replace the tennis for a sneaker, pumps or Bootie!

Look 3 /This proposal is one that I mentioned at the beginning, for those who cannot do without a mini length in winter! In the picture below I arranged a cropped top + skirt + sneakers and oversized cardigan. In the second picture I arranged a t-shirt + skirt + node sneakers and cardigan.

Both looks are super cool and casual. And using those same looks but in a not so casual that way, you can for example change the shoes for a boot over the knee or ankle boots or high-heeled sandal.

And looks down, I used the oversized cardigan like dress! As mine is not button, I just transpassei it and ended up using a cintinho!

On the first look, a proposal more cool, matched the dress/cardigan with a denim vest also in oversized modeling and feet model shoes slip on. In the second look, a night proposal, combined the cardigan/dress with a high-heeled sandal.

I separated some more inspirations for you:

You see that most versatile piece is the oversized cardigan girls?! That’s why I say that it is worth investing! This is Maria Flora and knitting you find in Oh Chic Fashion!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tips and don’t forget to share with friends and let me know here in the comments what you think!!!