Learn How to Take Care of Your Bags and Shoes

The lovers of fashion trends and accessories, accompanying the changes in trade magazines and attractive window displays, end up surrendering the purchases that crowd the wardrobes. But in addition to the clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry and beauty products, also deserve care to maintain impeccable for casual and formal productions. Check out special tips from designer style Director Mya Haas, Christopher Fukada, and learn how to take care of their acquisitions.

How to Take Care othe Shoes According tthe Material

Each type of shoe needs specific care. First of all, whenever I get the shoes when you get home, let the airing for about 12 hours before storing it.


Remove dust with a cloth or brush the shoe slightly. If heavily soiled, use a moistened sponge and then a dry tissue. In both cases, it is advisable to apply ointment or shoe Polish after cleaning. According to the expert, moisturizers can help soften the leather, but the specific products for shoes meet the paper.

Nubuck or Suede

To sanitize a sponge with hard bristles is more efficient. Thin sandpaper, rubber or pumice stone can also help, but use these materials with care not to “shred” the surface. Cris explains that there are liquids and foams suitable to facilitate very clean.


Remove dirt with a damp cloth or a brush. Once in a while, it’s good to apply ointment to shoes. Do not put in the Sun to dry, the location must be airy and shaded.

How to Take Care of Jewellery

“Bijoux that are not bathed (gold or other noble metal) require attention, because the sweat and the use of perfumes, as well as creams, can cause loss of brightness. To clean, use a dry cloth or a valet Parker,”Cris. The specialist also points out that this kind of accessory must not be wet. So, always remember to take them out before washing your hands, take a bath or take a dip in the sea or in the pool.

Try to keep the jewelry that are not in use stored in individual bags of fabric. Avoid placing all together, because the friction between the parts may scratch and damage the brightness. For the necklaces do not give those we boring, let them always hung. In addition to avoid us, stay superbonito.

Tip: The next time you go out, pass the moisturizer, apply your favorite perfume and then team with the rings, earrings and necklaces.

How to Take Care of Exchanges

It is important to empty, clean and keep in suitable bags all your bags that are not being used. Before putting the bags, empty your interior completely. The same goes for the bags and backpacks. A simple piece of paper can attract moths over time, as well as an innocent candy could melt and cause the emergence of ants.

“Store the bags in cotton bags”,suggests the professional. Don’t let them remain hanging for a long time, as are deformed, and do not use plastic bags, which drown out and can cause the appearance of mold.

To wash bags and backpacks, no doubt use a special SOAP that retrieves the white and preserves the colors. Are white or colored, they will stay clean and fragrant. If they are leather, a mild soap and a soft brush will leave them brand new.

Wet bag in the rain? Don’t despair! Dry in a cool place and the shade. This care also goes for belts and wallets made from the same material.