Learn How to Remove the Makeup Properly

Completely remove the makeup of the day is a very important rule for women who care about maintaining a healthy young skin, free of feared blackheads and pimples.

After a day of exhausting work you put on your pajamas and ready for bed when you remember you didn’t remove the makeup. Starts beating that too lazy to get up again and then start thinking about “what happens if I don’t remove the makeup”?

Before anything you must remember that to have to maintain beautiful skin depends on various factors such as climate, environment, genetics, hormones, and mainly the food and the amount of water you drink. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t help keep your skin beautiful and healthy, on the contrary, you can and should start with a good diet and a facial routine.

The secret of success to keep skin healthy and young is clean the face every day, even if you’re not wearing makeup, your face needs a deep cleaning every day, because the contact with the environment dirty skin. Currently, you can find thousands of products for this purpose, remove the makeup. The most common used by women are the water and SOAP, makeup removercream, gel or wipes Makeup Removers. All products are excellent, but you have to be able to choose them according to your skin type. For example, there are soaps that dry skin very much, if you have dry skin to tip is to avoid them or find a SOAP that does not dry out so much skin.

For the heavy makeup, like eyeliner and mask to the Cilia, which are the hardest to be removed, a good makeup remover is the best option. Use cotton or gauze to help in the process of removing the makeup. Already the shadows, blush and pencils are considered lightweight makeup products, namely, are easier to be removed. Just use an emulsion-or milk lotion, skin cleansing. Preferably urea-based products because they help moisturize the skin too.

Here’s how to cleanse your skin properly

To start wash your face and neck with the chosen product, just be careful with your eyes, some products can cause a severe burning sensation. Then apply an astringent lotion. Then put a fire hydrant or a cream gel that you usually have to use on the face. But remember, all the products you choose should be appropriate for your skin type, as well as the makeup remover, moisturizer and astringent. For women 35 years of age or more, we recommend the use of a moisturizer as soon as I finish cleaning skin because, above this age your skin starts to ask for a cream to prevent possible expression marks.

Check out some products Makeup Removers to remove makeup:

Watch the eyes

Your eyes deserve special attention, as it is a very delicate region. However, only water and SOAP are not enough to remove the eye makeup, so buy a special product is shown to remove the eye makeup, is an oil, a cream or makeup remover cream suitable for this area. Wet the product in a cotton and pass on the eyes, then gently wipe the area doing circular movements gently.

The Cilia are also very sensitive, as well as the eyes, so I can let go if you happen to choose the product unsuitable or remove makeup with great force. So be careful, put your finger under the eyelashes as if you were holding and then a cotton on top, as if combing from top to bottom. Thus, the mascara will come out easily and leave no residues causing you to wake up the next day like a panda.

Deep cleaning

Once a week try and make a deep skin cleansing. Wash your face and neck as you normally do every day. Then a cotton with cream to clean their faces, rinse with warm water. Then, make a scrub to remove dead skin cells. You can turn to the beauty salon to do the exfoliation or buy a product special to do at home. If you are not in a position to spend money, a good homemade recipe to exfoliate is honey and sugar. After exfoliation is just apply a moisturizing cream to soothe the skin.

Check below some options of exfoliating creams for the face:

Tips to Maintain a healthy skin

Don’t forget to do physical exercises regularly. Drinking plenty of water, at least 2 liters of water per day. when exposed to the Sun use protection as glasses, hat or CAP and sunscreen. Eat healthily and have a quiet life, without stress. Are factors that contribute to a healthy young skin.