Le Tutu: Fashion of Women’s Shirts!

Who is addicted to shirt raises his hand … o/o/o/. It’s a serious case, whenever we think of an outfit to wear, whether day or night, the pistol comes to mind! But also, it is no less … the shirt is a timeless, classic and super play, without a doubt, makes women even more elegant. Some of us have real passion and the collect of all shapes, sizes and patterns. In lighter shades, jeans faded, stamped, vichy or floral, feminine shirts offer a more sophisticated visual style. The social practices and great for a moment “workwear”. Anyway, the shirt is an essential item in our wardrobe cannot be denied, but it wasn’t always so. The shirt (or chemise!) since the 4th century was used underneath. The tissues of the upper clothes were very rich, embroidered with gold, silver and precious stones, and so you couldn’t wash them. The shirt was worn underneath these noble parts to prevent going bad and it was until the 19th century, where they were underwear and were hidden under costumes, except by the collar and cuffs, they were exposed. Shirts with delicate collars were used for sports such as cricket, at the end of this same century, and gradually the shirts were becoming more visible.

The shirts have evolved according to a need and practice – is that this story has clarooo – the finger our Muse Coco Chanel, who brought to the female wardrobe pieces of the male universe to create their collections. It was the ‘ 30 that Chanel introduced the shirts, always very female in your cut and design in daily life of the European aristocracy in an almost radical changing the way women dress. From there to here this piece suffered diverse influences of écléticos movements sets, Hippie, Punk, Grunge and more other so many since then. We amamooosss a shirt – nothing more chic and elegant. Risk to say that a complete wardrobe, today, you have to have some different models to create a visual and fine contemporary. And how our passion for shirts is great, we are always in search of news. Now the darlings of our wardrobes have been shirts LE TULLE! You already know? The LE TULLE is a brand of women’s shirts, with model, cutting and finishing especially made for women that are conspicuous by the good taste and elegance. Are several models of shirts, with several options for prints, fabrics, textures and details, that fit in all styles. Girls … impossible not to fall in love … There are so many models and beautiful prints, the more difficult it is to choose a favorite!

Check out our flashes and fall in love for women’s Shirts by LE TULLE !!!

Beautiful shirts LE TULLE, neh? We want all!!!

Whether for work, go to the ballad, a lunch with friends or a meeting with executives, anyway, the shirts are Jokers and super feminine!

The LE TULLE is on Rua Padre João Crippa, no. 1520 (corner with Rua Dom Aquino) – Centro-Campo Grande/MS. Service from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays the 9:00 at 1:00 pm. Own parking!