Kitchen Clocks

In addition to facilitating routine, showing the hours and the cooking time, the clock is an item that can give style to your kitchen decor. There is a wide variety of models and certainly will combine with your style.

Kitchen Clocks

The clock facilitates routine of kitchen and also composes positively with your decor.


Clocks are great decorative pieces and there are many models on the market, with varying sizes and colors, pleasing all tastes. They can be: Classic retro, modern, colorful, big, small, round, square, or even traditional craft, giving wings to the imagination.

Kitchen Clocks1

The kitchen clock let the kitchen decor more cheerful and fun. Find it here: PhoenixWallClocks.

Many are manufactured with special and innovative design to match the different types of decoration. Can be wall walk, analog or digital.

Kitchen Clocks2

How To Choose

He should be chosen according to the kitchen decor and style of the people who live in the house. Its shape, size and color should be harmonious with the other items: furniture, wall color, the floor, utensils, etc.

Kitchen Clocks3

The clock must compose with other elements of the kitchen, complementing the decor.

Many bring additional information in addition to the hours, such as: temperature, date, day of the week, air humidity and even alarm.

Some models are inspired by elements found in the kitchen, such as cutlery, pans, cutting boards meat, cups, fruit, food, etc. If you do not like that style, there are many others that match your way.

The kitchen clock can be themed.

The clock can have the function of a painting or sculpture, the important thing is to add value to the decor.

Tips For Choosing:

The kitchen clock will be used for a long time, so it should be of good quality, avoiding, for example, the tick-tock noise;

Choose a color to match or contrast with the rest of your kitchen;

If you want to check out a relaxed air, choose a fun model;

Your kitchen has only muted colors? Choose a model with a colorful detail to bring life to your decoration;

Models with differentiated design work such as a painting or sculpture, valuing the environment. They shall be displayed in a place of easy visualization.

How To Choose The Color Of The Clock

The colors are different in order to combine with any wall color, mobile or floor; exists for each decoration a perfect watch.

The color can combine with other elements or contrast. If you want to enhance the clock, choose a different color of the wall where it is attached.

Kitchen clocks can be found in various colors and finishes.

You can choose a model that has some color or similar material to the rest of your kitchen.

The stainless steel and the red of the clock match the rest of the decor. Its position allows it to be seen easily.

The Orange clock brings life and color to this kitchen, and valuing the table space.

Where To Put The Watch

The wall to be chosen should be one where the clock can be viewed from various angles. The ideal position is one that the way the furniture and the circulation, avoiding possible disturbances in the kitchen.

The size and color of the clock your drawing on the wall of menthols.

In this kitchen the clock was supported on a niche.

In this example it can be seen from the kitchen and the pantry.

Why not create a composition? Small clocks have created a decorative line in this kitchen.