Kids Clothing and Accessories {Shopping in NY}

Before you start ironing tips of shopping in NY, I will answer the main question to me several times while I was there; Worth buying in the United States with the dollar high as this?! And I say; Yes, is very worthwhile. It is still advantageous to do baby outfit or even buy clothes for older children.

Of course if you add ticket, hotel and expenses, doesn’t come cheap. But taking the side which in addition to buy you this traveling, enjoying and resting, just worth. I don’t think just by the value, but also for the quality and variety that is maddening. Most American clothing facilitate our life, because almost no spoil or shrink leaving the machine as many times as you need.

A point worth noting is; you see the time of year that you will travel. I choose may because the fair visited stationery. But I don’t think it’s the best time to buy because it is the beginning of their summer collection, so you don’t think anything else. It’s a time that even in outlets have coats or meshes, only lighter, tricots sweatshirts and jackets. With luck you can find in araras to sale some dregs of spring. But warm coat even, forget it. I went through that when I made the trousseau of Bruna in May 2010, I almost didn’t bring anything warmer.

I’m very pe on the ground with regard to purchases for them. So if I say still worth buying there, is because I’m only in stores that are usual. Resist much more expensive piece because I know you are going to use very little. And in the United States can buy beautiful clothes for an unparalleled value. So I’m not dripping with shop in store, go straight on I know I’ll find what I need because I know and I know that the cost benefit is great. And are they; Old Navy and H & M, my darlings!

It is worth remembering that there’s a lot of beautiful children’s store in NY, but my goal was to equip girls for the next few months with clothes for day to day almost everything bought in those two shops and I can assure you that there’s nothing cheaper. Not even in outlets or supermarkets. And I prefer to concentrate everything in a few places so that I can combine the better parts, have a vision of what I’m buying, and optimize my time.

Now we go to the place where it all happens. It’s not the most charming side and much less peaceful. But on the street 34, in the stretch that runs from 6th to 8th Avenue, is where all the concentrated fast fashion stores, and also one of the few H & M with 1 whole floor baby and kids. In addition to having a Party City (see post) , to Pay Less Shoes (shoe store cheap which has tennis femmes and great for the kids), Gap, Forever 21, FootLocker, and Kmart, giant 3 storey supermarket with everything possible imaginable! Then 1 day in this region, you will solve everything for children.

Now we’re going to my favorite stores and because of these choices.

H & M: The pieces are modern, detached and creative. Kind of an adjustment of the current adult fashion for kids. There’s a lot of variety for girls and tb for the boys. The advantage is that there’s a lot of clothes in shop 2 and take the 3rd for free, and that goes for pants, shirts, dresses … I love children’s accessories section with caps, hats, ties, bags, slippers, bijoux, and even the beach! Modeling is small, then buy 1 or 2 sizes above. Gives out loads of parts and not believe the final value of the account. Average value of parts; U $5! The most expensive pieces that I bought were the tricots, in the range of U $14. There’s plenty more clothes tidy option also.

Old Navy: it is not as exciting as the H & M, but the quality is great and the price too. Almost everything in the store has extra discount when you pass in the box and there’s still a part of sale only of the sale, with that price you love! There’s a lot of variety! I love the shirts, leggings and sweatshirts. Since they were born the girls mostly wear Old Navy and were the clothes more survived! The socks have the same quality of the Gap and are cheaper. There’s plenty of booties and sandals, pajamas (great!) and line the beach. Worth a tip; for kids who already use size 5 (Bruna), which is considered a transitional size variety is huge, because you still have clothes in Toddler (last), and starts at the childish. I took and bought several sandals and shoes Melissinha type, are great and very inexpensive. The line Denim (jeans) is also excellent; pants, jackets and year in the range of U $10. My tip for anyone who has patience is to make an advance purchase through the website. It is worth to register in advance and use the coupons. I always find some options even cheaper than in the store for select for size, choose what you want at home, and have delivered to the hotel. Also advise you buy 1, numbering the pieces are suitable for the age but if your son is large (such as the girls), the correct size will be fine. For shoes. I bought 1 number for each and measure.

I have completed the shopping at Macys , which has all the children from the cheaper brands even more cool like DKNY and Calvin klein gathered in one place and a lot of Macaw with remains of settlement where you can find that special peg. My goal in Macys is always Ralph Lauren section that I love to buy a Cardigan (traditional) and find a dress or blouse on sale macaw. I took my trip this time to buy sheets for them because the price is unbelievable! Estampadinhos singles games for girls for $12.99 and me bought with 6 pieces King, 300 thread count, for $34.00!

I stopped by the Benetton of the 5a AV., shop not as popular in the U.S. in the circuits of purchase baby and kids, but with an undeniable quality, great price, and also with a room of discounts. The part Kids is on the 2nd floor. I just found a few winter parts sale as corduroy pants and nylon jacket. This jacket is excellent, super thin and comfortable for children and have the entire collection. For those who want to spend a bit more (because it is not a “trifle” of H & M and Old Navy but accessible) and have a special clothing, super indico to jump there. I was crazy with female parts. Are super romantic, I was in love!

And finally, I fail at Kmart, where I bought shirts and pajamas (have much thematic and characters), cups, toys and accessories (although I will resume the Kmart here in detail!) My tip is, buy little cap, gloves, knickers, panties and socks out there, there’s a lot of choice of kits that come 5 units for great price. The variety of colors and characters do not have anywhere else. Including pantyhose for girls, an item that is more difficult to find and expensive in Brazil.

Well, this was my script this time shopping in NY and I was super happy! I’m going to tell you about shops for childcare, trousseau bed and bath, toys and costumes! Follow here the next posts! And those who want complete information about shopping for babies and toddlers can review my post about my visit to NY in 2010 where I talk about shopping for pregnant women and babies and give tips on sizes and brands moulds. See InterShippingRates.

Kisses and let’s start the week!

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