Keep Your Wireless Connection from “Hackers”

One of the biggest comforts for notebook users is the wireless connection, which allows you to connect to the Internet without the need for cables connected to the machine. The fact of not using cables for the connection brings to the wi-fi user much more mobility, since this can access services online from anywhere in the house.

Some malls, cafes, shops, etc. Wireless connections. It is a differential that aims to attract more customers, especially those who need to work even during lunch hours.

Just as you can connect wirelessly from a mall, for example, your neighbors may be able to connect to your wireless network (wireless definition: Even if you do not mind sharing the Internet, “band thieves” can access much more than online services.


In a normal network, you can access files and folders from other connected computers, right? In a wireless network is no different. So how to protect yourself from the invaders?

There are a few ways to ensure the security of your wireless connection by preventing strangers from hitchhiking and using a service you’re the one paying for.


To implement the tips outlined in this article you will need to enter your wireless router settings. Each router brand or model has a different way of accessing such options. If you do not know how to do it, the best thing to do is to contact the manufacturer and follow the instructions given.

Network Key

Creating a network key is nothing more than creating a password to limit access to your connection and using some form of encryption to make it harder for someone to figure out the combination used. Most of the current routers offer several types of encryption, of which WAP is the most used.

This is the basic way of security, adopted by many users, but that can often be insufficient, since there are many “idlers” who keep trying random combinations until they find the true one. Or even your children or someone who lives with you can give the tongue and tell the password to other people. Then your safety is compromised.

Wireless Connection Safety

Mac Address

What is Mac Address?

Before you understand how blocking works through the Mac Address, you need to understand what Mac Address is.

Each network card has an identity address called Mac Address. This address is represented in hexadecimal and functions as the identity of the card, as there are not two cards in the world with the same Mac Address.

This number is composed of twelve digits, numbers or letters, arranged in six doubles. The first three pairs identify the manufacturer of the board, while the last three pairs identify the board itself.

How to make Mac Address?

Since the Mac Address of each card is unique, the best way to keep your connection safe from”hackers” is by configuring it so that only the Mac Address cards you sign up browse the network using your connection.

Because routers do not have an interface pattern, each user will have to learn how to enable the Mac Address limiting service for their device model. On the manufacturers website there are usually tutorials and tips on how to perform this operation smoothly. It may take a little patience, but surely you will find what you want.