Junina Party: Clothes Tips to Shoot in the Arraias

See tips and pictures of men’s clothes to raze the next arraias.

After the heat of the carnival, when the winter cold begins to approach, Brazilians already think of heating their nights with the fire and the heat of  the June festivities . It is precisely at this time that the great gangs and dances grow and gather many people in all the cities of the country who seek, almost always, the same things: delicious food, good music and, of course, interesting people.

And as usual, men who go dancing and have fun like to dress in a typical way-or even improvised to adopt the style of cowboy or cowboy in most of the time. But, it is foolish who thinks that the masculine look for parties June is only to wear any trousers with a checkered shirt. Who wants to get attention and succeed in the arraias needs a lot more imagination than this.

Of course, old jeans with some patches, plaid shirt, neck scarf, ties, suspenders or a straw hat, give the air of grace to the wearer. But there are other ways of attracting looks-especially women’s-when it unites good taste, basic pieces, and a willingness to experiment with combinations of pieces.

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