John Lennon Eyeglasses for Fashionistas

Today, more precisely on October 9th, the  whole world celebrates what would be the 70th anniversary of John Lennon, singer and composer admired and revered to this day not only for his ability to write incredible lyrics, but also for his intense struggle for world peace.

And if the  legends of music  continue to perpetuate their sound out there, nothing fairer(and common) than their  style  continue to influence several generations . In the case of the former Beatle, a special accessory already makes the direct connection to his image: the  glasses with round frame(also known as round glasses) .

Inject style into the visual since 1920, the glasses have gone through the most diversified forms, however today, and totally influenced by this 70’s wave that has invaded the fashion scene, John Lennon ‘s favorite model is  gaining  more and more  force!
Her round glasses  adorned little faces like  Lady Gaga and Mary-Kate Olsen, who were probably the greatest disseminators of modern-day fad. The runways also surrendered: rolled round sunglasses on Proenza Schouler, Ralph Louren, Dries Van Noten and many other presentations.

The thing is that now the piece, although vintage in its essence, has a more bold footprint(even has a colored frame!). Who prefers a more sophisticated thing should invest in the dark lenses, for geek guys the bid is transparent. It’s super cool to mix with pieces of all kinds of style: grunge, pop, rocker. The result is that mix full of bossa that has everything to do with the plurality of fashion!

Now #ficaadica: Works on all  face shapes, but  what fits best  is the  thin and long you know? Like the Lady Gaga, of course, John Lennon.
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