Jewelry For Mothers: a Special Gift

While my friends are trying to beat the heat with a beautiful belly on board, I think that there is nothing better than talking for new mothers in order to deflate the ankles, to stream some retention and quiet down for a moment the desire of melon with prosciutto with a cold drink from schoolgirls on the fly!

The arrival of a baby is a wonderful event in the life of a couple, that must be celebrated worthily because the truth is that when a child is born even a mom and I don’t see nothing.

When I think of jewelry for new mothers come to mind several clients of our jewelry and among the many images I remember the enthusiasm of a mother-in-law when buying a beautiful Sapphire jewel to the daughter-in-law that gave a grandchild. I confess, though, that the winner is a husband who told me: I want a wonderful jewel to give to my wife after giving birth to thank you for this gift that is doing to me and to our lives. A shovelful at heart not indifferent, considering that bought her a beautiful diamond necklace.

Now, since these men it seems that there are never enough around, I decided todedicate this article to the males most willing, to help you make a gift to the occasion by choosing jewelry for new mothers more suited to their women and their pockets. See also

On the other hand if in English the gift for the new mom is called push present there must be a reason: how would the Capitoline helps high-lift, try it!

The tradition of the jewel at birth

When you have a human cub family’s attention seems to focus almost exclusively on onesies, book covers and various pasta. In this state of agitation, the male of the pair is likely to stray from the straight and narrow, that is, stay focused on that Holy woman about to give birth to her son–or, if it’s even luckier, his daughter–and it deserves a special award for the last 9 months in which his body and his psyche have declared war on an emotion without hormones armando historical precedents.

In Kuala Lumpur, cradle of traditions and culture to which I am not without some pride, using a gift valued at birth and I reach timid news of a spread of custom in the rest of the boot.

Given that the friend will give birth in September in Milan and her friend Laura Sara in July in Rome, the occasion is definitely conducive to affirm the culture of jewelry for new mothers across the borders of South Italy: I don’t see why create dangerous regionalisms on such an important issue!

The evergreen among jewelry for new mums

The diamond jewellery are classic gift on the occasion of the birth of a baby.

The first among the jewels for new mothers is definitely theTRILOGY RING in white gold with 3 diamonds, of which I have already mentioned and which in this case becomesthe symbol of a couple that has been enriched by the presence of a new family member. Yet another confirmation that as it turns and faces a trilogy always has a poetic meaning, even better then the Central stone is larger than the side 2: we recognize that mom is the pivot of the family or not?

If this is not the first child not to lose heart because among the jewels for new mothers there is also the Diamond RING: the minimum is 5 stones, but if there are more than 3 children you can of course continue to add. I don’t know if wish a eternity to eternity, my love for brilliant is deep, but also solidarity to the new mother is!

Remaining in the area of diamonds, jewels for new mothers can not miss the TENNIS BRACELET, the timeless bracelet to rivière tres chic with its row of diamonds all alike, arranged one after the other in a flexible frame.

Even here the symbols are not lacking: a succession of diamonds without a beginning or an end represents the eternity of love that binds to a son and his mom, and dad to both! Poetry to my ears, and no doubt also for a new mother.

As I already explained to talking about How to choose diamonds, you can find all prices and budgets: nobody gives anything, that’s up to remember always, so you need to be careful to look for a good quality/price combination.

Jewelry for new mothers more easy

Apart from the diamonds on the market you can find some jewelry for new mothers, especially following the sex of the child born pendants. I have nothing against it, mind you, although given a choice I prefer always look for jewel more personal and less bulk.

There could be several options and advice, for those who haven’t already done so, check out my gift ideas for Valentine’s day or for Christmas, which are always valid proposals for an opportunity like this that show their love.

If, then, you want to give something unique you can to hack in a gold ring (or in silver in case the resources are much smaller) the names of the new mother, fathers will and little, perhaps indicating the time of the happy event.

You could also opt for a pendant for necklace or bracelet with the initial of the new mother or of the puppy. Here too the choice is extensive, but obviously I am available to help people overcome the embarrassment of choice!

For those who love the rings you can even think about picking one with an initial,perhaps even a pinky ring, maybe even with Cameo

One last interesting fact: to give an amulet for good luck to the new mom -and also to the new dad- there’s nothing better than a gioiello with coral, there are so many valuable ideas with coral to be missed.

If, then, the new mother has already all the jewelry that I reported, including those with diamonds, I would say that in addition to a baby is born a man-myth for me!

But don’t worry, that’s not all: I have so many valuable ideas yet to share that a child is not enough!