Jeans+Bandana: New Way to Wear


Whoever loves the powerful third piece, knows that the bandana does miracles in super basic looks, does not it? This little accessory turns any look, brings the most cool and stylish footprint that was missing. And it has several ways to use and various colors to suit all tastes.

Supre trend of the moment, the bandana will be the summer accessory and in combination with the denim will not have error. Let’s leave here some tips of looks for you to copy, if you are without ideas to wear the bandana. Come on?

5 Different Ways To Create Looks With Jeans+Bandana

1-Bandana In The Neck

Where the fashionistas and famous more wear bandanas is in the neck. This super trend appeared there on the runways and did not leave more of the street style looks.

Look Office: Choose a cropped jeans or skirt jeans with lighter wash, a white shirt, a moccasin or scarpin in the nude color, a handbag in the nude color or caramel and finish with a blue or red bandana on the neck.

Look Stripped: Choose a red colored skirt, a denim shirt inside with a light wash, a white shoulder bag, a white undershirt, black sunglasses, and finish the look with a bandanna around the neck in the Blue color to give contrast to the jeans shirt.

2-Bandana As Belt

Another super trend that is the face of street style is wearing a colorful bandana like belt. A charm that is the highlight of the look.

Look Stripped: Pick a jeans with the bar folded or boyfriend with the folded bar, slip a red bandanna into jeans, wrap in a cropped top with a striped shoulder-to-shoulder neckline in black and white, a shoulder bag in nude color, Black sunglasses and finish with a red heel sandal.

Romantic Look: Choose a light-blue washed jeans with a belt clip, a basic black T-shirt, a red bandanna on the bib, a black shoulder bag, black glasses, and a soft sneaker Soft sneaker

3-Head Bandana

It is a very practical and very practical way to wear a bandana to give that up in your look, look at 2 looks to mount:

Look Boho: Choose a shabby denim shorts, an orange-trimmed shoulder-to-shoulder blouse, a colorful print sneaker, a caramel-colored shoulder bag, and finish the look with a bandana on the forehead tying behind the head.

Romantic Look: Choose a denim dress with a very light wash, with neckline shoulder to shoulder and ruffle. Bet on a pastel blue or nude shoulder bag and finish the look with a red bandana tied around like a tiara.

4-Bandana Like Anklet Or Bracelet

Another super cool tip that you’re betting on is wearing colorful bandanas like a bracelet or ankle bracelet. It gives a charm and draws much attention, you can bet on a basic look with jeans and T-shirt and finish with a stylish strap made of bandana.

You can also bet on cropped jeans or shorts and wear the bandana trick on the ankle.

5-Bandana In The Bags

Neither of these ways make your style? So how about betting on a more bare-knot tying detail in the bag? There are several ways to put it in the bag, you can tie it on the strap or the front of the bag giving more prominence to your colored print.Combining with short jeans or nice jeans, you’re ready to rock!