Izabel Goulart: Why do I Run?

The story of the Brazilian Top Model who approached running after leaving his country to begin his career in France.

It all started 10 years ago when I moved from Sao Paulo to Paris to start my modeling career. That change was not easy: I did not know the language and my family was thousands of miles away. I started running as a way to handle my insecurities and know more about Paris.

I ran through the streets to overcome those difficulties, and those daily careers became my motivation. I could choose to be sad and unwilling to do anything, or I could do something inspiring to help fill the void of being away from home. Today, exercise and running are an essential part of who I am. When I run, the priority is me.

What is your daily dedication?

My work schedules are complicated, so running out in the mornings is difficult. At night, however, there are no excuses. If I need to go at midnight, I’ll do it. Because of my work, I travel a lot and I run anywhere I am. I love running in the streets, because it allows me to observe different cities from different angles, and I do not like to repeat the routes. If today I turn right, tomorrow I’ll turn left.

Running tricks?

When you run, you need a strong musculature. That’s why, in addition to running, I practice yoga, as well as functional and strength training, Pilates and Kickboxing. I also like to go changing routines. If I have intense training one day, I take it more reluctantly the next day.

I also use Nike+apps, which are great for a quick workout when I’m in a hotel piece (no matter what time) or to find a running route. What’s more, I make all my friends use them! A trot is not complete if I do not take a picture of my route at the end. So, I can share my experiences with my friends, no matter where they are.

What are your next steps?

Last season, I decided to take my careers to the next level. Nike put me in touch with Fernanda Keller-the only woman to have finished the Ironman World Championship for 23 consecutive years-Not only is my training partner, she has also supported me during my last two 10K races, one in London and more Recently at the NikeWomen 10K in Paris. That was a special race because it coincided with my tenth anniversary in this city!

In the next 10 years, who knows what will happen to my running. All I can say is: do not worry about the results, just have a good time.

This Brazilian Top Model has found in running a new form of inspiration, which has helped fill the void of feeling away from home. Follow the footsteps of Izabel! When you feel stressed or not wanting to do anything: Go jogging! It can help you connect with yourself in a difficult time.

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