iPhone 7: Taking Shape Deluxe Version With Dual Camera

Dual camera there are rumors that predict a special camera technology for Apple’s next flagship model in the iPhone 7: for a long time. Now it says out of the supply chain that components already been supplied to Apple.

iPhone 7 Taking Shape Deluxe Version With Dual Camera

So the company should have sent Largan technology from Taiwan and several lens manufacturers from China and Japan components for dual cameras to Apple, DIGITIMES reported, citing sources of supply circuits. Largan technology is currently responsible for about 60 percent of iPhone cameras – supposedly the company from Cupertino looks for other manufacturers to avoid bottlenecks in the production of iPhone 7. This message fits with speculation from the summer of 2015, that have Apple problems for the mass production of the camera module.

Only In A Special Version

A dual-camera for the iPhone 7 is already for a long time in the conversation: there are first rumors to a facilities of the Smartphones with this technology already in November 2014. An Apple patent that beginning January 2016 was published, describes the possibility for a dual-camera in an iPhone.

Most recently, it was said that probably only a special version of the iPhone 7 with a dual camera will be equipped: apparently there will be a corresponding “Deluxe version” of the iPhone 7 plus. The so-equipped smartphone to be able to access depending on the prevailing light conditions on the one or the other camera lens.

The iPhone 7 could not only in relation to the camera innovations bring, but also in terms of audio: rumored Apple want to give up the Jack connector for headphones to make the device less. Also, the Smartphone to get improved speaker.