Iphone 6 Plus: Reduced Repair at “Touch Disease”

Anyone who owns the iPhone 6 Plus may already know the error: the display of the upper-class smart phone sometimes simply does not respond to touch input. After the error has been confirmed by Apple, the company is now responding and offering a discounted repair service.

Apple has a problem with the owner of the iPhone 6 have been fighting for a long time: touches on the display are simply not processed by the operating system. At first it was assumed that the controller chips of the touchscreen lose the connection to the Logic Board when the problem occurs.”Bendgate” also came up with the idea that this could be caused by a slight bending of the iPhone 6 Plus during the use-for example when wearing in the case.

Apple clarifies now however: The problem occurs above all when the device has fallen several times on a hard surface. How many devices are affected worldwide, nobody knows exactly. According to iFixit, which is responsible for the repair, however, it is a “huge”.

Save On Repair

Since the problem quite obviously occurs quite often, Apple now offers a discounted repair: Your price of 167.10 euros is equivalent to a display exchange outside the warranty. Caution: Depending on the cause, a higher price may also be due. If other damages can be found, you pay for the “removal of a display damage plus additional damages” a package of 361.10 euros.

Who Can Use The Discounted Repair?

You can have your iPhone 6 Plus device affected by the Touch disease repaired at a discounted price, if the purchase is less than 5 years-at the moment in all cases. But even if you have it repaired elsewhere, you can profit from the reduced repair. For Apple accepts the refund of the costs – of course, only the difference to the service fee of 167.10 euros.

How Can I Send My Iphone?

The best way to do this is if the iPhone is suffering from “Touch Disease” and needs repair, you can read out site.