Iphone 5 C Is Iphone 5 New

Apple’s cheap Smartphone has different design, but saves your configuration predecessor

Iphone 5 C Is Iphone 5 New

Months before the release of the new iPhones, circulated rumors of a new device from Apple . Cheaper than the new iPhone, this device would be a company’s strategy to win space in emerging markets. This smartphone has arrived and, at the same time, has not arrived.

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With starting price of R $1,999 (the 16 GB version), iPhone 5 c really is cheaper than iPhone 5S (which has prices from R $2,799). But the value of R $2,000 is far from being accessible to the public medium and let the iPhone 5 c as a second device from Apple.

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With the iPhone 5, Apple seems to have followed a saying in the world of marketing that says “what looks new is new”. In practice, the 5 c is an iPhone 5 with plastic back. That’s not necessarily bad, since the iPhone 5 is still an excellent device, modern and fast. Check out more details about the 5 c on the test.

In favour:

-First Design;
-Fast and pleasant to use.
-Quality Applications and in good quantity.


-Has no relevant news about the iPhone 5 (out 4 g networks support);
-4 inch screen is small for today’s standards.


The big news of the iPhone 5 c’s here. Instead of the body made up entirely of glass and metal of the iPhone 5 and 5 c, the iPhone 5 c has a back of plastic (polycarbonate). The result does not reach the level of sophistication of the iPhone 5S, but is far from bad.

The plastic cover has an internal structure of metal on the sides, which helps in robustness. In addition, you can see easily that the material used is of excellent quality, and the iPhone 5 c passes the feeling of solidity, even though the back of plastic.

The iPhone 5 c tested by iG came with the back in yellow, and the unit is still available in the colors Blue, red, green and white.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first to use color to differentiate their devices capinhas. Nokia is already making colorful appliances line Lumia for some time. However, unlike Nokia’s devices and the new Moto Q, the colorful cover of the iPhone 5 c cannot be swapped.

In terms of size and weight, the device is slightly larger and 20 grams heavier than the iPhone 5, although the screen is the same size. The placement of the buttons is the same as other Apple devices: on/off switch on top, volume and mute on the left side.


The iPhone 5 c has 1.3 GHz processor A6 and two cores and 1 GB of RAM. As with the iPhone 5, there’s nothing to complain about here. The iPhone 5 is very fast and during the tests of the iG is not choked or with nearly 20 open applications. The appliance was tested with a variety of games and productivity applications too, such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

In the Sunspider benchmark, which measures the speed of the browser to execute complex lines of Javascript, Safari on iPhone 5 c completed tasks 757 milliseconds. It’s a great brand, better than those obtained by native browsers devices like Galaxy S4 and Moto X.

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The 5 c tested by iG came with 32 GB of memory, but the unit also has versions with 16 GB. As is customary in iPhones, the 5 c does not have memory card. The chip carrier used is the standard nanoSIM, currently in very few cell phones. So, if you change the appliance your a iPhone 5 c, you will probably have to change also the chip.

An important novelty is that, unlike the iPhone 5, iPhone 5 c, just like your brother 5S, is compatible with 4 g networks. In tests of the iG , the appliance has been used in conjunction with a 4 g chip Alive and detected correctly the 4 g network operator.

Like other Apple devices, the iPhone 5 c uses the Lightning connector. One advantage of it is that there is no right side to fit the connector. On the other hand, is a unique connector of Apple’s devices, which means you cannot use the one microUSB cable that almost everyone has to charge your cell phone.


The iPhone 5 c has the same default screen Retina of 4 inches of iPhone 5. The resolution is 600 x 1,136 and the pixel density is 326. There are devices with higher pixel density on the market, but the quality of the images of the iPhone screen 5 c is not behind anyone.

The only point that could be improved is the screen size. Two years ago, mobile phones with large screens, over 4 inches, are becoming increasingly popular.

Samsung was the company that benefited from this phenomenon, producing several smartphones Galaxy with large screens, including the equipment of the line Note.

Apple, on the other hand, has stayed on the sidelines of this market. The 4-inch screen has the advantage of allowing the easy use of the device with one hand. But a slightly larger screen could increase the appeal of the iPhone by the audience who appreciates larger screens.


The camera of 5 c is the same as the iPhone 5 and that is good news. In terms of megapixels, it doesn’t impress. Are 8, against more than 10 MP cameras common in other smartphones.

But the quality of the sensor and the components used by the Apple makes a lot of difference. The camera is certainly better than that of almost all Android phones. Between camera modes are the panoramic photo and square format photos also (used on Instagram).


The iPhone 5 c runs iOS Apple released System 7, along with the new iPhone and available also for previous versions of the smartphone.

Apple’s decision to completely change the look of the system divided verdicts. IOS 7 is more colorful than your predecessor. At the same time, the new system leaves a design style known for using real-world references in the interface (for example, a bookcase in the application of e-books, yellowed pages in application notes).

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In the end, the most useful resource for most people is the control panel. This Panel, similar to what already exists on Android, facilitates access to common settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Simply slide your finger upwards on the screen to call the Panel.

Another strong point of the system is and quantity and quality of the applications. The drive control of Apple on the app store makes the quality of the applications is very good on average.


In tests of the iG, the battery of the iPhone 5 c endured a day of heavy use. With moderate use of the device, she arrived in two days.


The “cheaper” iPhone from Apple is not so cheap as well and ends up competing with State-of-the-art appliances, as Galaxy S4, LG G2 and G Pro, Moto X, Xperia Z1 and others. From the point of view of performance and design, there is nothing to complain about. The iPhone 5 is great. But peca for not bringing a larger screen.

In comparison to the iPhone 5, 5 c basically stay behind for not having the body in metal and glass and have a less sophisticated processor. In addition, the 5 c does not have the digital reader of 5S. If to you these differences aren’t worth R $700, 5 c can be the best option of “Apple”. But those who already have an iPhone 5 may dispense with the upgrade and wait another year.


iPhone 5 c

Price: R $1,999 (16 GB version)
Configuration: Processor A6 of two cores and 1.3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 4 inch screen with a resolution of 600 x 1,136 and 326 ppp, iOS System 7, 3 g/4 g, WiFi, Bluetooth, 8 MP cameras (rear) and 1.2 MP (front).
Dimensions (cm): 12.4 x 5.9 x 0.9
Weight (g): 132


iPhone 5 c unlocked cost R $1,300 in the United States

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* Updated 28/11/2013 to day 11:58: Unlike the reported in the original version, the iPhone 5 c does not have 64 GB version. Thanks to @pedrohen.

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