Invitation to Lightness Dark!

Finally started! After so much anticipation, was given the start for the 10th edition of Minas Trend Preview. And did everything by the book and the theme “lightness”. Mary Aguirre surprised everyone with your creative work. And since no one works alone, the team shone! As in past editions, the beauty artist Richard Dean signs the beauty of all the shows. Yesterday we hit the first (of many) that we will chat with him until Saturday. And the subject was the design for the beauty of the opening parade.

Trend for modern woman! Ricardo told us that the idea is “walk along with all the image that was presented”, therefore, the aim was to standardize the visual. And the object you choose to give this effect is the mouth, since all are more similar. He told us that spaceflight by eyes, reach different interpretations, because each has a look. Already the mouth is more standard. “All are practically the same, so it was our focus”, he told us. And the mouth was all! The beauty artist chose the black lips and the inspiration was the color of the ink from the paper, which was used to assemble the parts of the head.

Another example of how the sustainable concept permeates all spheres of creation of this big fashion event is the cooperative of women count, which had supplied the head accessories. Mary herself confessed how much was surprised with the result. The artist does, for 14 years, a Charity Bazaar and they always expose their creations there. The result delighted all! Were true sculptures created by poor women who today earn a visibility ever expected.

As the models were given different adornments in the head, the hair were arrested in tail low, no mystery. The skin was light, just corrected, and eye mask layers in the upper and lower lashes. The black lips are a result of the application of eyeliner, which overcame a lip balm, which ensured hydrated effect.

The result on the catwalk was drooling! We saw the presentation of approximately 40 brands that are part of mining in a fashion show of lightness and refinement. Light colors and gentle as the white, Golden, nude, off white and silver, contrasted in balance with dark lips. Lightness in so far as, after all, this is our summer 2013.