Indoor Swimming Pool

The indoors swimming pools are ideal for those who like to relax in the water year round and privacy.In addition to very elegant, they can also be integrated with other rooms in the house (such as living room); however, most projects require much space available, so most of indoor pools are found in hotels, spas, clubs or big houses.

Ideally, the indoor pool is installed in ventilated rooms, with sliding doors or large windows, to ensure that the water that evaporates naturally does not interfere with moisture furniture, walls, and appliances. Opt for items such as anti-mold paint, furniture with anti-rust structure, waterproof fabrics and avoid carpets and rugs in place.

It is also important to hire professionals with experience in putting this kind of pool to prevent infiltration problems, in addition to investing in models with a safety and durability, especially if the pool is not of masonry).

Enjoy and be inspired with more projects indoors pools in the gallery above.