In a Surprising Turn of Events, Motorola Will Be Motorola

As if everything was written by a writer in the service of HBO, the future of Motorola for the market is still pretty “picturesque” in recent years. Which in other times would be a great company that made, inter alia, mobile phones ended up being almost irrelevant, it was purchased by Google, then sold to Lenovo and absorbed into the catalogue of the Chinese manufacturer.

The worst did not arrive until the end, when the absorption within the catalogue of Lenovo was the loss of the brand. The already iconic Motorola Moto took control and became the symbol of a legendary brand that had just converted into a bike by Lenovo. It was then that many talk about the death of Motorola as such, with heartfelt goodbyes, but now everything can be changed.

A new rudder coup

It seems that at the end the protagonists not marry this season, and may never do so, as the latest twist in the script of the story of Motorola is led by one more possible return to its origins. The team responsible for the Moto line has decided that It’s time to take a step back and regain the Motorola brand as such, and in addition have been a time to make it known.

The information has come to CNET through an interview with Jan Huckfeldt, He joined Lenovo last may 2016 as the new head of marketing of the company. “It was silly to throw it all away,” said following that Lenovo decided to dispense with the Motorola brand to embed it as a bike by Lenovo.

Huckfeldt intends the of again use the Motorola as an emblem of prestige brand to follow up the company, something that should be the responsibility of his Department. “Give us 12 months, everyone in the United States will meet the new Motorola” Huckfeldt said. So we already know it, over the next 12 months we will see the new season of this exciting series.

Since Weblogs we contacted Lenovo so they can shed light on this information and we are waiting for a response. We will update the information as soon as we get the version of the company.