Image of The Week, Andy Rubin Leaves Google

Andy Rubin It is one of the historical and co-founder of Android, considered the father of the platform, has left the ship of Google this week. Although it was already out in March of the team in charge of the operating system, it remained in the company in charge of the Department of Robotics.

The immediate future of Rubin will be focused to see birth new hardware companies, and promote them through an incubator for projects. So in addition to the several characters with positions on Android leaving the company recently, as Jay peanut or Hugo Barra.

Rubin was in charge of the operating system even before it was acquired by Google, and is to some extent responsible for its success from a small initiative (originally intended for cameras) that is the mobile operating system most widely used in the world today.

As we know, the officer in charge of the Android team is now Sundar Pichai, who also controls the development of Chrome OS. In addition, we are seeing movements of staff between both platforms aimed at a rapprochement of the same.

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