IFTTT Applications to Create Automatic Commands for Cell Phone

Platform is compatible with services of various types and allows the user to create custom rules to save time every day

Compatible with various services, the IFTTT application offers recipes ready in splash screen.

The application is a great option for those who don’t have much time to perform everyday tasks. Developed by IFTTT, an abbreviation for If This Than That (or “If this, then that”, in a free translation), the program allows the user to create some commands that will be executed by the smartphone in certain situations.

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Available for Android and iOS, the IFTTT application offers support for more than 300 social networking applications, cloud storage, music, business and others. The user can create custom actions or use the commands created by other people to send to Twitter the photos on Instagram or silence your smartphone when you arrive at work, for example.

After installation, the program offers access to a tutorial that introduces the concept of revenue, the actions that the device will continue to facilitate the routine. The program uses three information to perform each rule: the trigger channel, the channel of the action and the instructions to complete the action.

The user can set the last photo of Instagram (trigger) to be the Android wallpaper (action), for example. To start using the application, however, you need to create an account on the platform. The application home screen displays a series of recommended recipes for the user. Options range from simple automations, such as those aimed to save the battery, until more advanced smartphone, that connect the smart devices such as lamps and stereos.

The application can communicate with other elements of the House to inform the user of important matters. The lamps can shine when a new email arrives in your Inbox or the lights can change color if your heart team scoring, realizing the idea of Internet of things.

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The IFTTT also has three other apps that work in conjunction with the IF: the Button, responsible for punctual actions, the Camera, which allows publications on various platforms with a single click, and the Note, which creates rules from user-written texts.

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