Ideal Lingerie Guide

No matter what the style of undergarment you are looking for with our ideal lingerie Guide, we give you tips to find the perfect lingerie, sexy, sports or Basic.


You can follow a small step-by-step guide to ensure that the trim of your lingerie is perfect and don’t bother during use:

  1. the BRA must be positioned exactly in the middle of the back
  2. If the handles are falling from the shoulders all the time, even if you have already set the time of them, maybe you need a bra with a smaller circumference
  3. If the pad that you use is leaving your breasts out or the piece is too far from your body, means that you should buy a model with larger Cup
  4. If the frame (or iron) are very large and the glass is smashed or sunk, the template must be less
  5. keep hand on a mirror and check that the front line of bra is lined up with the back

Sports Top

Every woman needs a top sporting, for he is the one who ensures support during intense movements, have been wider and thicker fabric. Try several models and find that it looks nicer in her breasts, moving enough to “test” the top and take your questions about the support and comfort.

Which Model?

The intimate fashion trend is turning around Bras shapewear, to sculpt the silhouette and subtly raise the volume of breasts, as a whole. There are models with or without bulge, try and choose according to your preference.

Add Glamour

To increase self confidence and feel sexier, every woman should have a garter belt. The model is daring and irresistible!


The bulges value the breasts, but the best choice are the discrete bulges, which are triangular bra models that do not mark or the bulge, or her nipples.

Models Needed

In addition to the traditional model of BRA, other two are essential for you to have the perfect lingerie collection: strapless, to be used with strapless tops and super low. The strapless must stay tight in the body and have the exact size of the breasts. The BRA already super low is ideal to use with very bold blouses without appearing in the middle of the neckline, as follows exactly your format.

Without Love Handles

If the bra is too tight, the chubbiness of your back will be “skipped” and very much in evidence. How much larger are the handles and the tracks, the more they will hide those love handles.

Hot Pants

That trend is on the rise and even being adopted by celebrities are the hot pants, waist high panties that are super comfortable and stylish, even being used with transparent dresses and getting to shows.

Ideal Underwear

The ideal should be in your underwear drawer for when you’re wearing that dress more exact. She may not be very sexy, but it will shape your body and hide all the chubbiness that can mark on clothing. Seamless versions score even less.
Take Good Care Of Your Ideal Lingerie
Remember to close the handles of bras for not catching anything during the wash cycle. Protect your panties and bras in special bags for washing machine or place them in a pillow case. If you still are not satisfied, the best route is carefully wash your delicate parts by hand, to ensure that last longer!