How to Use Summer Clothes in the Winter?

Winter is coming, and what to do with that bunch of shorts, tank tops and dresses, high-waisted skirts, etc., purchased in the summer heat? The solution, certainly not redesign the entire closet, but invest in good old creativity to increase these little pieces, mixing with other typical of the cold season. Want to know how? Learn, then, how to use the summer clothes in the winter, and get a more varied wardrobe.

-To give a guy the skirt or shorts in the winter of summer, you can combine garment them with smooth dark leather jacket or jeans, a Cardigan, a shirt adjusted to body (with or without the collar), gowns and robes, coats, scarves and tights or black colored.Preferably, the 70 and 80 wire, which are thicker. Feet, go riding style boots or ankle boots.

-Reuse the regatinha, doing overlaps with another long-sleeved blouse underneath.Just be careful that the race is not heavier than the blouse underneath. Another good option is to invest in a bolero with sleeves or casaqueto. Watch out also for the combination of overlapping colors, choosing contrasting colors with each other (black or Brown, Navy Blue with wine, black and white, etc).

-Reuse the summer dresses combining them with short jackets, casaquetos, trench coat, scarves to cover the neck, blazers and leather jackets of tailoring set along with Oxford shoes, boots, ankle boots, heel shoes & sneakers.

-Don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations of vaporous fabrics with other heavier. They can result in interesting contrast and fashion. Just be careful that the winter piece is aligned with the rest of the production. Good examples are pashminas, tricôs and jackets, which can be combined with light clothes, made in Jersey, silk or crepe.