How to Use: Slippers

If you have a type of shoe that is highlighting both in the windows and the streets is the slipper. The inspiration is velvet slippers worn in pajamas, indoors (think of those American movies where the guy wakes up in his pajamas, slips on his slipper, and picks up the paper on his doorstep!). Of course after an upgrade, it became much more interesting and usable outside the home! And the most coveted models are those of leopard and glitter!

To wear this kind of shoe, keep in mind that it looks a lot like a shoe. So you do not get so caught up in choosing a outfit to match. The model is often confused with moccasin , but the difference is at the top. In the slipper, it is much simpler and seamless, unlike the loafer.

The combinations with fashion slippers can be more feminine, since the shoe itself is closed and masculine. It looks gorgeous with skirts and dresses in a contrast of styles, ideal for casual occasions. But it is really popular in looks with pants, which is super easy to adapt to work clothes. To let the shoe appear more is just fold the pants bar.

The models with bug prints and glitter are the most sought after – besides those filled with tacks – but if you want to invest in the first pair, it would indicate a more neutral color, such as nude.Do not flatten the silhouette of the smallest and combines with everything, especially with the summer!

Where to Buy:Santa Lolla, Carmen Steffens, Mr. Cat, Arezzo, New Order, Melissa (model Virtue), Schutz, Luiza Barcelos, Moleca (tip:have a model with super glitter in mind!), Dafiti … Ufa!Stores that sell your slipper version is what you will not miss!

1. Slippers with Skirt

2. Slippers with Skirt + Coat

3. Slippers with Dress

4. Slippers with Short

5. Slippers with Short + Jacket

6. Slippers with Pants

7. Slippers with Pants + Coat

8. Famous with Slippers