How to Use Men’s Sweatshirt?

To stay on the couch in the middle of a rainy weekend? Gym uniform for the colder days. None of this! After reading this post, you will learn How to use men’s sweatshirt with a lot of style to make nice in winter with this extremely comfortable piece.

After a long time and several re-readings, the men’s sweatshirt is no longer the same.

The comfort and thermal protection, but, along with them, you also now have more choices of models, which bring new possibilities of combinations.

According to estaterealest, designers and brands have launched models with hand prints, have proposed different formats of cuts, replaced the traditional zipper in front by buttons and submitted pieces with other textures, combined the traditional and soft fabric, to give a different face and more modern sweatshirt.

Of course, the traditional models are still on the rise, but new readings are also stealing the scene.

The catwalks for fashion editorials. The fact is that the sweats are increasingly gaining space, including in the wardrobe of men more stylish and demanding.

Below, we present some of these new forms mixed with the traditional for you not to be afraid of making mistakes in visual and know how to use men’s sweatshirt.

1-Redouble attention to size

Well, in the vast majority of posts with hints of clothing parts we talk about the importance of choosing the right size, as here, here, here and here .

Obviously, it is something quite important to build your visual.

For the Sweatshirt that tip has folded as this importance is a piece that can easily be attached to a visual sloppy in people’s minds because it is extremely comfortable and many use at home anyway.

In fact, there are sweatshirts to stay home and several others out, as happens with t-shirts, shirts, pants, etc.

In short, choose a piece of your numbering and it falls right in your body, not baggy or too long. And don’t be afraid to try new colors, designs and different cuts.

2. Bet on the variation of styles

The Sweatshirt is a play considered basic. Nevertheless, it is possible to make several interesting combinations for the most diverse occasions.

The possibilities for combinations with these clothes are so many that it’s no exaggeration to say that you should have pieces in different colors for situations.

Tom were merges, and of larger size will only leave you with air of old even.

When the model is smooth and pretty basic, you can bet without fear in Accessories, that will attract attention in visual. Worth investing in caps, leather handbags, backpacks and shoes more eye-catching.

Combine it with sneakers and leotards or jeans to compose a more sporty. If the pieces are incremented, you will have a result sport luxe style.

Another possibility is to balance the basic look with a different piece on the underside. You can put a pair of pants with a more striking pattern, such as camouflage, or a more intense color shoe.

The hooded model is perfect to form a production street. If the piece is stamped, you can opt for a more basic pants and invest in accessories such as caps, necklaces, sunglasses and hats .

I’ve printed Sweatshirt is a piece that requires enough personality to be used, in addition to identification with the pattern on the part of those who use. Closed and with jeans and sneakers, is a pretty basic casual.

If you want to increment the style, you can bet on a jacket, a hat, boots and backpack.

Some prints are less common, such as stripes, colored balls, tie dye, themes of nature, album covers and references to works of art, for example. If you’re more adventurous, these options will definitely make your style.

But nothing prevents those more discreet experience using a piece with this footprint

The trick is to set up a visual on the printed Sweatshirt is the highlight and the rest of the outfit follows the most basic line, not to be with a lot of information.

3. Try new overlays

Know the basic flat model, open or closed with zipper. It’s how you’ll work new overlays.

He isn’t just for you use with a t-shirt emblazoned underneath or Basic, but also falls very well with a leather jacket on top.

And also go on top of the sweatshirt, whether open or closed, flannel shirts, checkered shirt print shirts, blazers, jackets, jeans jackets and coats.

The effects of these different combinations, yet little seen in Brazil, can be amazing.

As the winter in most parts of the country is not so strict, it’s rare to see bolder combinations such as those suggested above, just because we’re not used to it, but it is worth investing in these visuals.

This combination of coat on top of the Sweatshirt also goes well with a neutral color printed Sweatshirt.

For the colder days, form an interesting set of overlays a shirt collar at the base, more the Sweatshirt underneath the jacket.

The shirt is a piece that forms a combination totally out of the pattern we see with sweatshirts. Alone, under the Hoodie, she “breaks” the odds of the play and creates a more stripped style, but with a touch of class.

You can also combine the basic Sweatshirt over a Paisley shirt and wear a t-shirt underneath.

4. When in doubt, bet on neutral

If you’re still afraid of mixing colors in time to compose a visual, go without error in flat pieces and basic, neutral tones.

It’s hard to go wrong with a total black, for example. And that goes for a production with sweats also.

Another overlap which you must try is the Sweatshirt underneath the denim jacket, which will make you look kind of rocker. Torn pants and boots can complete the look.

Already the shirts jeans can form a combination stylish with a basic Sweatshirt closed down and an accessory. How about a knitting collar?

5. The basics also makes great success

In this post, we talked about some tips on how to use men’s sweatshirt with different options than usual, however, the basics still has plenty of room.

You can use a quality Sweatshirt practically without any flashy detail with a pair of jeans.

If you opt for a totally enclosed and sweatshirt with no detail, the ideal is to complement your look with something else, such as bracelets, necklaces, hat, watch, among other accessories.

The basic Sweatshirt is also cool to use open and with a t-shirt emblazoned underneath.

6. Sweatshirt with shorts? Yes!!!

Yes, you can mix two parts of different seasons. Besides being very comfortable, that bet can be extremely stylish.

Of course, it’s not ideal you use this combination in cold days, but there are several situations that bermuda is very welcome with the sweatshirt.

So, don’t be afraid and use with confidence bermuda with sweatpants.

7. Map the news to learn how to use men’s sweatshirt

Despite having a reputation for basic piece, this outfit can be used in different ways, including to give an up to visual.

But, if you want to use the piece in a more modern, bold and risk a little more by following our tips and using your good taste.

Bet on models with different cuts and in conjunction with other tissues, form more combinations incremented, overlaps, accessories and don’t forget to balance the colors.

Conclusion on how to use men’s sweatshirt

I’m sure you already thinks the Sweatshirt a more comfortable garment parts.

Now, after reading this post, I believe you also saw that Yes you can use this stylish piece of various forms. Use without fear

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