How to Use Green Leather Jacket

Fashion is something very important in the life of the human being and makes history. It changes from day to night. Fashion passes and back again. If Immortalizes, is fleeting, it’s ugly, it’s tacky, it’s pretty classy. Fashion is like that!

Everyone wants to be in fashion even though we’re out of it. Each person has your style and each style is your style. What is fashion? Fashion is nothing but the current trend that is based on the popular mass consumerism. The famous dictate fashion and fashion designers and the beautiful models too!

Sometimes the sets seem strange at first, but then we like each other and blend in adhering to it.

The jackets on the other hand, never went out of fashion, is autumn, summer, spring or winter. But the colors dictate trends of the years and for each season.

Have you ever imagined with a green jacket? Want to use and do not know how to combine it with your clothes? So stay tuned in the tips and don’t be afraid to use and dare!


1.You can use a green military jacket with black pants and a white blouse that will fall very well. Or you can opt for a shirt of any color and some jeans.

Green also combines very well with colors such as Brown, yellow, red, blue. Don’t be afraid to combine the colors and make a good marriage with each one of them.

You can still resort to makeup or shade with green shades to give a combined.

2.The green leather jackets look great with black or red leggins. If you use green jacket with black leggins, choose a red heeled shoes. You will kick butt!

For men the green jackets also look great, especially if it is a classic or bold man. He can combine with a plain white blouse and jeans. Is very elegant and don’t stop being male.

3.For women who are in love with romantic style and dresses and skirts they can bet blindly in plain black dresses, red, mustard and even patterned with animal prints such as zebra and ounce. Can I still wear skirts with balloon effect. Be super chic and modern.

Black, red, brown shoes are the perfect marriage for this color of jacket. The more alternative or rockers can still use a sneakers in black or military green too. Use and abuse of this new trend of color military green and emerald green.