How to Use Destroyed Jeans

Hello girls! Don’t throw out that old and faded jeans, because the sets of destroyed jeans is back! In fact he was already being used for a few seasons, but now comes with full force! You can even buy the jeans already battered and torn, but if you have any pants or shorts old wardrobe, can customize them and also save!

The style came from the hippies and punks in the years 70 as described by aristmarketing, as a form of rebellion and protest, then passed by us rockers 80 years until you reach the grunge in the years 90. In early 2000, however, it was considered tacky. After he was being entered gradually by the streetwear to Hedi Slimane, the Dior, make your bet in the destroyed! And right!

The coolest is that, despite being a fashion young and daring, the destroyed appeals to men and women of various ages, regardless of style. Of course, if you are more conservative, can use the jeans “destroyed” or “podrinho” more discreet, with minor tears. Now if you’re more advanced, you can use and abuse the jeans detonated! Just watch the combination: prefer more neutral clothes on top!

The destroyed boyfriend jeans is the most used among the fashionistas! But the shorts and skirt also fell in the taste of the lovers of this style! Then I’ll show you some options and combinations of how to use the destroyed jeans!!

What do you think of this trend? I loved it!!!!