How to Turn Old Shirts into Beautiful Dresses

Who does not like a new dress? Before you think about the money you will have to spend if you have to buy one, remember that you can renew your daughter’s wardrobe without spending too much.

The has  picked some ideas that will teach you how to turn old shirts into beautiful dresses. Your daughters will love it.

What you need

  • An adult shirt
  • A child dress to use as an example
  • Scissors
  • Lines of different colors
  • Chalk or pencil
  • One hour of your time

Some steps before the big transformation

All shirts turn into dresses if you follow the same scheme:

  • Put your daughter’s dress on the shirt and skirt the model with chalk or pencil.
  • Cut out the model of the future dress.
  • Stitch sides, shoulders and sleeves.
  • Finish the corners, sleeves, collar and bottom to prevent the dress from opening.
  • If you like, decorate the dress with embroidery, prints, sequins or a belt.

Elegance for everyday life

Here you will find more details on how to turn a shirt into a dress with mini sleeves.

To go to school

If the school does not require wearing uniforms, what about home made dresses? Follow these instructions .

To play

The cotton is perfect for a dress that your daughter will wear to play. See more details on this idea here .

The most important thing is to be comfortable

Follow these instructions and see how to make this comfortable dress.

Dress for a day in the country

A beautiful dress with a wonderful finish. The details of this transformation you find here .

vintage touch

It may seem complicated, but it is not. This dress looks beautiful. See the instructions here .

Stylish and lightweight

The belt adds a more festive touch to this dress. Just know how to sew to make an  equal .

Perfect for the beach

Look at these instructions and learn how to make an equal dress.

Dress with lace collar

Look at this scheme and learn to make an equal.

Two shirts for a single dress

Two shirts for the base of this dress. Not so easy to do, but if you follow the step by step instructions , you can.

Simple and very beautiful.

If you have a size G shirt, you can make a swirled dress. The details you find here . for dress learners.