How to Treat Bronchitis in Pregnancy

Bronchitis is a respiratory problem that consists of inflammation of the bronchi, making it difficult for air to pass through these tubes.

How to Treat Bronchitis in Pregnancy

In this way, the most common symptoms of bronchitis are coughing and shortness of breath.

Bronchitis can be acute, when it is caused by some infection, disappears with its treatment, or chronic, when it is prolonged and frequent.

Bronchitis in pregnancy can cause harm to the baby’s health, especially in a severe crisis situation.

Know here the complications for the baby, and also, how to treat bronchitis in pregnancy.

Dangers of bronchitis in pregnancy

Normal bronchitis is not usually dangerous for the baby. However, in more severe cases, or in case the mother tries to solve the problem on her own, with increase or reduction of medication, complications in the development of the baby may occur.

In a situation of very severe bronchitis, where the lack of air is too great, reducing oxygen in the blood of the pregnant woman can even endanger the baby’s life.

Next, check out the possible complications for the baby of a severe bronchitis of the pregnant woman:

– baby with a subnormal weight at birth;
– higher risk of preterm birth;
Delayed development of the baby inside the mother’s belly;
– decrease in the amount of oxygen;
– existence of risk of death during childbirth, or shortly before.

How To Treat Bronchitis in Pregnancy

Bronchitis in pregnancy should be treated in the same way as if it were treated before the start of gestation. Thus, the doctor can generally treat the bronchitis of a pregnant woman in the following ways:

– use of progesterone (this hormone helps the respiratory function);
– use of corticosteroids (oral);
– Nebulization with saline solution and Berotec;
– Aerolin spray;
– Pump (salbutamol).

If you have a fever, your doctor will also give you a medicine that is appropriate for pregnant women to control their body temperature.

Home Remedy for Bronchitis in Pregnancy

If you have bronchitis during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor, whatever the situation. The home remedy that we present you will not treat bronchitis, but rather, help relieve the symptoms, being therefore a complement to the treatment and not the treatment itself.

– peel of a lemon;
– a cup of water;

Put the lemon peel in the water and bring to the heat. When it starts to boil, leave a minute and turn it off.

After 5 minutes of rest, put a spoonful of honey soup and let it cool until it has a pleasant temperature for you.

While you are having bronchitis, you should drink two to three cups of lemon tea with honey daily.