How To Store And Organize Large Toys

These days, a reader wrote to me asking for tips on how to save and organise the big toys that are in use by the child (not the ones who are already boxed and escondidinho). According to her (and with what I super agree), it’s one thing when they are bebezucos and only have small toys and teethers, and another, completely different, that’s when they start putting bigger things, like balls, toys, prams, doll strollers and sit out there and all that is there in our living room.

How To Store And Organize Large Toys

Well, the first tip is to book a room in the House for this whole mess, as a playroom or bedroom the same mess, which is even more appropriate. But how to do when you don’t have this separate space (which is my case)? How to disguise the mess when she gets in the lounge or the TV room of the House and everybody see?

In this case, my tips are simple and practical:

  1. Never leave many toys in use. Let what the child is more interested in playing in that moment and keep it in a separate place the remainder. And go doing a rodizio between toys. Let the child around 15 toys is enough.
  2. Continue using and abusing boxes.Even though the toys “grew”, some of them like balls still fit inside organizing boxes, then keep using them (I amooooo!).
  3. Focus on the mess.Yes, mess is organized more concentrated.If the space of play your son is in your living room, preferably by mounting a small space for him in a corner and not in the middle of the room. Mats are great for this, because even if your son doesn’t get more joking on top, is a delimited space where you know the mess should be “guarded” when the game shut down. I do exactly that. Leo plays in the room, but I have a space where the his mat and the whole mess, whenever possible, is concentrated there. During the day he will spreading things, but I’m gathering and I’m hanging in there and at the end of the day it all stashed and empilhadinho there. Give a little tidier.

And you, what do you do to save and organize large toys your pup? What are your tips for other moms?Be sure to share your findings and learnings in the comments below. We thank you.