How to Organize the Linen?

Arrumadíssimo Nothing like arriving late in the evening and be able to play in a well-made bed, clean sheets, stretch, well taken care of. All this helps in time to relax and give that feeling of well being that we all need. To have a bed always arrumadíssima and inviting, the Organization and proper maintenance of the bedding is essential, indispensable.

First of all, choose a mobile only to accommodate the games of sheets and towels. Can be a dresser or cabinet with shelves.
If you do not have to book a mobile space only for this purpose, chests, large boxes and even a trunk bed box are good options for organizing the linen.

There are several ways to arrange the sheets, choose whichever is more practical and functional for you.


First, group games, all pieces together forming “packages”. Fold the top sheet of rectangular shape or the sheet below, if it is not elastic. Then, fold the bottom sheet forming a square. Do the same with the pillowcases. Now that all the pieces are properly folded, settle on the top sheet (folded to rectangular shape) the sheet underneath and pillow covers. Top with half the rectangle’s left to form a parcel.

How to Organize the Linen 1


You can also fold all pieces forming a pile and tie with satin ribbons. The Organization will also be practical and charming. How about?

How to Organize the Linen 2


This is another simple idea and practice for you place order once and for all in your sheets. Fold all pieces forming a stack of larger pieces for the smallest. Then the battery inside the envelope pillow cover of the game.

Don’t forget to perfect in the folds and save the sheets passadinhos, that alone will make a difference, you bet!

How to Organize the Linen 3


To organize quilts and comforters, invest in organizers to vacuum, because they help a lot to optimize space.


As an image, or rather, some images are worth a thousand words, I selected an illustration to teach you how to fold a sheet with elastic quickly and without complication according to THEINTERNETFAQS.COM.
Smart tips to always have your arrumadíssima bedding:

  • Has only the necessary, 4 sets of bed per person or couple are more than enough, believe me!
  • Place scented sachets in the closet
  • Use Wicker baskets to accommodate a few sets and give bossa in the Organization
  • Organize by color or standardize.

I hope you enjoyed the tips! Kissesa