How to Organize Shoes: 25 Ideas to Fix Everything!

The correct way to store footwear is usually a question for men and women; And in both cases the situation can be a tremendous disorder. So if you want to preserve your items and ensure everything is in order, just be aware of the tips on how to organize shoes.Tips
Do not store in damp locations.
There are a lot of people that in the lack of space usually keep the shoes in the laundry room and even in the bathroom, but the humidity of these environments may be the end for any item.
The proliferation of fungi in the fabric that composes the piece can end up with your so much adored footwear. So always take into consideration the idea of ​​keeping sneakers, sneakers, shoes, sandals from so many other models in a dry and airy place!
Let it take a breath
When removing footwear do not store it immediately. In addition to being able to smell unpleasant (chulé), the moisture that the foot releases in the item can determine the proliferation of fungi. The ideal is to leave the shoe from one day to the other “taking a fresh”.
Beware of materials
Each type of shoe is composed of a different material and this implies specific care. So, before disposing of the box, read the manufacturer’s instructions and even save the explanation to know the correct way to clean the part.
Tips and ideas for saving shoes
This tip is good and cheap ! To store the parts that have no heel, you can use hangers with clothespins and then just fit the sneakers and sneakers. So you can keep everything in the closet.
If you do not have free space in the closet and want a way to organize the room , you can follow this suggestion. Here the wooden board has won wheels and was glued under the bed, so just pull the item and the shoes will all be arranged.
Having a space for each pair is also important, and in this case the solution was to place the items in acrylic boxes that make the models visible and easy to find.
To keep flip-flops and slippers, you can follow this idea in that the metal hangers are transformed into accessories that hang the pieces in pairs.
Here the idea is based on the decoration with reuse . The old ladder has gained some wooden boards that serve as support for the shoes.
Keeping everything in a box is a great idea. To follow these ideas, it is worth to wrap all boxes of one color to keep the look uniform and put a picture of the item that is inside, so you do not have to open box by box to find a template. Another solution is to use plastic boxes labels according to the characteristics of the item.
The pallet is also a great item when it comes to organization. To seize the wood, hang it on the wall and hang the heeled shoes on your boards.
One more cheap and very simple idea; Here the pet bottles were cut and served as a base to store the pairs of shoes separately.
To build a simple and inexpensive shoe rack simply cut PVC pipes and glue the items with hot glue. In addition to leaving each pair in due space, the shoemaker still has a nice design.
Following the same idea earlier, the tubes of this project were wrapped and clipped together for larger amounts of leaves. The result is a very cheerful and colorful model that can be part of the environment.
If you are going to organize the shoes on the shelf, a good solution is to follow that inspiration. Interchange the pairs (put one foot forward and the other back) to leave the whole model in view and destroy by color and shoe style.
If you have little space and can not organize by boxes, take advantage of this tip of using sachets with a transparent border to make the model visible.
The file boxes (yes, those of the same office) can also gain a new function, and here the proposal is to put some pairs inside the boxes.
To save your boots, you can use hangers with fasteners. If the material of the footwear is delicate place a piece of felt in the part of the catch so as not to mark the fabric of the boot.
Here the idea is to install shelves on the wall and then arrange the shoes according to a guideline that you want to follow.
For shoes and low shoes, the idea is to take advantage of the free space of the wall and install small shelves forming a kind of “V”. The result is great and idea is ideal for small spaces.
A simple way to leave the heels organized is to install bars or even plaster boards (type of lining finish) to hang the shoes.
To store the medium and high boots, use pieces of pasta (those of pool) to put inside the barrel and keep the structure of the shoe firm.
This is a simple and inexpensive tip. When it comes time to pack your traveling bags, use disposable haircuts to place pairs so you do not risk getting your clothes dirty.
Using an inexpensive closet idea, you can invest in wire racks to keep your shoes organized.
Some cheap and practical ideas like re-using plastic gallon, canister and even pet bottle are already good for pairing the organized items in a simple way.
To store the items in a small place, you can use wire to make a frame that supports one foot over the other.
The compact furniture and already has a structure to store shoes can be a great investment. Here the model when opened opens all pairs visible.
It is also worth looking for this shoe style that looks like a little bag, and that has a transparent plastic on top. The model is super compact and great to keep under the bed.
How about a swivel shoe rack like this? Here the model is round and super compact, and the fact of having wheels is ideal to move the item. Unfortunately, the price is still not the most in account (on average R $ 250 on sites like this ), but fit 30 pairs, and can be a valid investment.
Now that you already know how to arrange the shoes nothing to let the couple loose by the house eh!