How to Make Makeup for Bride

Surely the day that women want to be more beautiful and gorgeous is the day of your wedding and as important as the dress and hairstyle is the makeup for the occasion, after all nobody wants to be over that day so special. Not to miss some care must be taken, it is allowed to dare (especially for brides with modern look), but beware of the excess blush or shadow with tones that “fight” with the rest of the production.

For a perfect bridal makeup the first rule is to follow the style of the bride, a bride with romantic personality is not well with a heavy look. And in general looks brides to highlight the eyes leaving them well – defined and the lips are used lipstick or gloss with more neutral or nude colors. Of course you can do the opposite if you find it more to your face, but be sure it will not load in the eye and that suits your style.

Another very common mistake and that much compromises the final result of the make is not properly outline the eyebrow. Exaggerating the amount or color pencil marking it much or too lengthen the look is not harmonious. In the same way, pay close attention to beauty tools, it is important and should be a tone that give the appearance of healthy and can not stand the other elementsmake.

But do not confuse light makeup with little makeup or an invisible makeup, at the risk of not look good in photos. And escape the white shadow to be the same tone dress the end result is not good, if you want a tone that did not stand out much prefer a light golden or pink tones, for example.

Do not forget to make the match with the time and place of the ceremony and the party, very sophisticated makeup with loaded eyes do not match a wedding during the day and outdoors, is over.

And always follow what suits your skin type, remember that blondes generally do not match very reddish tones, as well as women with black skin do not match pinkness.

Two errors that put everything is lost is to exaggerate the colors and / or to focus only on the mouth (leaving the more neutral eyes) or just the eyes. If you use strong colors in the pictures they are even more prominent and mix many colors do not take well. So it’s good escape from the glitter and decide to use colors like blue, green or purple associate with more neutral shades and let the good smoky to become more harmonious. Similarly if you carry a lot of eyes and mouth makeup is not natural it is best to always choose only one of these points to value. And be careful also with excess powder or foundation, the skin should be well made, but the desired look is as natural as possible, you know that illuminated skin with healthy guy? Well, it’s the same we want!

Another very cool tip is to bet on the product waterproof, especially on mascara to the lashes. The risk of the bride get emotional and start crying in at least one wedding moment is great and you do not want to be without make or end up looking like a panda bear during the ceremony, is not it ?! If you use false eyelashes the glue should also be waterproof and ideal is that lipstick is long lasting so that production does not end before the party ends.

A classic super make for the big day is a smoky at degrade with two shades of brown beige shade and a pearly shade to give a glow in the visual. In this kind of smoky darker brown shade demarcates the concave and the outer corner of the eye, while with a shadow in a lighter shade of brown esfumamos the darker tone. To good effect you can have a white shadow before applying the brown, then to blend apply the pearly shadow in the center of the eyelid and an opaque beige shadow on the inner corner eyes, that the tear. Finish with eyeliner, around the entire eye, and if you like you can make a little eye kitten making a risquinho the outer corner of eye. You can also apply long false eyelashes for a more glamorous and sophisticated look. And in the mouth an opaque pink lipstick looks great.