How to have the Perfect Outlined?

If there is an icon in makeup is the eyeliner. The line stretches the look, brings depth and adds extra charm to make. But, everything would be perfect if it weren’t for the enormous difficulty that some women have to make the much desired perfect stroke, right?

There is a plethora of products on the market that promise intense Black, durability and ease at the time of application. However, we always in doubt of what to buy.

With that in mind, we went in search of tips with some girls who circulated by the biennial’s Ibirapuera, in this issue of SPFW, and who were with eyes perfectly outlined. How do the trace? Which product are you using? We found valuable tips on this mission.

Camilla Coelho

The gel eyeliner with brush thin is my favorite. You can get more precision in dash because he is creamier, so don’t slip in the application and fixing is excellent“.

The blogger blacktrack Fluidline, indicates the MAC

Giu Mosque

I trained hard to be able to do the dash, so today I can use any product. But, without doubt, the pen is much easier! Always start from the outside and then pull. Is the best way to set the stroke.

The journalist indicates three products: Marc Jacobs, Super Slick of MAC (not no way grounds) and the Mastergraphic of Maybelline (cost R$37).

Helena Lunardelli

I like gel products and proof d ´ water. Always apply with brush beveled and start the trace by the outer corner and I’m pulling inside.

The blogger indicates two products: Eye Paint, Nars and Flluidline, MAC blacktrack.

Ana Pelegrine

I started using your eyes outlined to 13 years. I’m in love with liquid eyeliner because the brush is very thin and the outline is perfect.

It indicates the liquid eyeliner from Health-beauty-guides.

Latika Lee

“The stylus helps to have more precision in dash. The eyeliner the Apothecary has great pigmentation, is lightweight and great for those who don’t have such practice. “

It indicates the pen eyeliner make-up b., of the Apothecary.

Patricia Denaro

I love the gel eyeliner with brush very thin. Start making the dash up the Middle, then pull the trigger and I’m completing the dash. Today I use every day! I think we can one up in your eye!

It indicates the blacktrack Fluidline, MAC.

We got several interesting product tips and techniques for application. No matter what will be your choice, but invest in eye outlined.