How to Fly a Bike

For starters, be equipped, helmet, gloves, thick clothing, brace etc.. Even after learning to fly your bike, be sure to use them, you never know when you’re going to want to risk crossing the line and that accidents happen.

Always in a safe place where they don’t have cars and people passing, not to take your concentration and prevent accidents involving third parties, besides the monkey to fall in front of everyone. Don’t be in a hurry to learn, there are people who learn in 1 week, others in months or even years.

Adjust your brakes don’t let too high, if possible get flashers, headlight and lantern, and if you want to really learn, get at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of training every day to train.
Prepare the Pocket in 1 hour of training you will spend fuel, will eat the tire and the clutch will last less.

Always take everything as a joke, does not exceed the limits right off the bat, the evolution is gradually.

Tutorial on how to fly a chopper.

Step 1:
Get used to the bike is the basics, there’s no point trying to learn with the best bike for wheeling if you are not familiar with it, get used to the bike, feel your weight, listen to your acceleration, try to get used to the way it develops when you speed up, the bike start his intentions almost at the thought.

Step 2:
Start getting used to the brakes, brake the bike several times with force with the bike very slowly, then brake hard but standing on the bike, careful not to be thrown in front of her, always at low speed, almost stopping, freie also tilting the body well forward and then back. That for a long time, train over and over again until you feel that you know the right dosage for braking that you want.
Valentino Rossi The Doctor flying a Scooter …

Step 3:
Now you will associate acceleration and brake, respectively, stay in standing position on the bike to make more, start this sequence, take a accelerated and brake, take another shorter accelerated and brake hard, again give another shorter still accelerated and brake even harder and so on, repeat several times.

Step 4:
Now it’s for real, on a sloping site come slowly, now understand the following: For the bike fly you will have to make do your physics paper, when the bike is moving a rear brake in the millisecond before the goat, scratch “LIGHTLY” the clutch, or is she just a little pull and release then avoid holding it some time, the trick is to increase gradually the acceleration (quickly) to the time when the clutch is released by lifting the engine speed to the point where it will be enough that the front go up with the pressure of the boot, but to really get control on lower motorcycle cylinder capacity not just speed up, pull the guidon up as if you were flying a bike In addition to creating a backup motor strength in some cases uses lot of engine power to beam it, will also give a greater sense of control and dosage as the force placed interferes and quite the speed of ascent, which is very important because it is what prevents frights and subsequently falls, but this test you will climb the front and try to balance the most playing the body forward but don’t go pull the helmet on the guidon, just let the your body detects what position he will be better accommodated, depends a lot on who also flies, ex: some guys thinner like to leave your body practically hanging on the bike, others evade too far forward, however an important Tip: stay on the bike, remember that a NORMAL BIKE (DT200/XR200/CBX200) , WEIGHS in the 110 to 125 KG and the weight of a MAN of ABOUT 70 KG WILL MAKE MUCH DIFFERENCE on the bike, so avoid taking their foot on the pedal trying to get to the floor, spread your legs if you want so see fit but feet on the pedals! You will trigger the rear brake.

Step 5:
The bike will be flying, that enjoy that is rising and start pumping the gas pedal it will make movements of ascent and descent of the front wheel as you rotate the throttle, a feeling that initially the scare but stand firm, as the Hill the bike will raise it up slowly and a wheel, that enjoy to acquire and train your balance doing the same for several times However, the acceleration always dosing advantage will be that you will not need to brake, will control the bike only on the gas leaving the your balance and rotation and Acceleration range move the bike uphill walking in a wheel. Train enough, the idea is you acquire experience and flexibility on the wrist in time to turn the throttle and control the rotation of the engine, in addition to the balance that is vital to give sequence.

Step 6:
Last step, find a hill with at least half of the slope on the other in which you trained, little inclination but there needs to be enough to tilt the bike didn’t “Pack”, i.e. don’t pick a speed that is detrimental to your balance, because riding a wheel at higher speeds requires greater skill in the fall that brake at low speed might not hurt you and even not to spoil the bike in anything. Then, do exactly the same as Step 5 but this time in addition to concentrate on acceleration, speed, balance and focus also on trying to move your foot to try to brake the bike already in position of a wheel, however, bombe the accelerator and in sequence with each stroke, try touching the brakes even slightly, the important thing is to make the movement After a lot of training then worry about making your brake control source instead of the X Acceleration because the brake balance can be also the same members, ie you trade two controls for only one, and with the biggest advantage, the bike will never come back if you always activate the rear brake at the moment feel your inclination to go beyond what is necessary After several and various training, and mastering the use of the brakes then pass to a completely flat surface, but remember and don’t miss as I’ve messed up several times: control the bike in a BOX ONLY WHEEL UNTIL IT is hot, but it’s the brake that WILL ENSURE that YOUR skin WILL REMAIN smooth and TAUT BUTT!

Thus the main rule to cram, is Has absolute control of the bike on the floor, coach, and dominate as much acceleration, as braking, means nothing without control force.

And the most important:
Any and all equipment such as the gloves and  helmet is still little, always train adequately equipped and in a safe place and without the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.
“The right of an individual ends where it starts right on the other.”

Note … almost forgot … NEVER, do what the citizen below made..
First, Don’t flatter yourself.. second don’t take your foot off of the bike. It was just poking the q brake the bike down..
Good Night!!!