How to Draw Perfect Eyebrows Step by Step

Here are four actions that transform bushes without personality perfectly designed arches. For a look that pierces the screen like that of Camilla Belle.

  1. Compute the length.Need a little ‘geometry: you direct towards the outside put a pencil perpendicular to the pupil.From the point where the pencil touches the brow bone can create the shape thinning out the hair more according to whitehallmakeup.
  2. Draw the dashes with the specific pencil. Take a soft pencil thin tip and writes well on the skin. Choose it in a shade similar to the color of your eyebrows. So between one coat and the other outlines darkening learning, paying particular attention to the top corner. It is the point that if colored fine, gives a facelift to the look.
  3. Comb out and down with a brush. Once you draw the bow, to give a more natural color using a thin brush (maybe one for your teeth) and blends well the pencil dashes with movements upwards and down. Just so the eyebrows will have natural shade and imperceptible.
  4. Define with the mascara transparent. Last step: armed with transparent mascara and a fixative gel with which to “do the fold” to disordered eyebrows that come out of the ranks. Before passing the mascara upwards combing. Then with the “freezing” gel eyebrows. Star good looks guaranteed!