How to Do Eyelash Makeup

Spring is here, and with her the flowers and colors of the season, which is always very colourful, and of course, the sets have to follow your step, and so, clothes, enamels and make make more colors and joy, so you can understand the trend of color mask for eyelashes, which helps to give a up the makeup and production in General.

Without doubt, in addition to bringing joy and daring to look, the colored mascara also helps raise the look, and can shine together or alone in a production, including dispensing special appearance of shadows. So, enjoy the season more colorful to bet all the colors for the mascara. Click here for how.

Colorful Mask for Eyelashes According to Your Skin

Clear skin

A tip for those who have fair skin is investing in blue mascara, as well of color be super high, the blue mask is great for accenting the look, give up and that highlight the look needs to be even more beautiful. A tip for those who want to invest in that color, is betting on a retro production, is super cool.

Who has the pale skin, a good option is also investing in the purple mask, let make super stylish without having to appeal to many resources.

Brown skin

Already, who have darker skin, is go in tones that are lighter and warmer, like the orange and the rose, leaving the more cheerful, the hottest stations.

The most daring can play without fear, in the pink, which is a very cheerful, but have to hold. The tip is abusing the pencil, to give further emphasis to make colors.

Tips of combinations:

A tip to make nice with a colorful mask azul-royal in color, is combine it with a lipstick in lavender, since it is more discreet, however, has a touch of color.

The mascara in turquoise is very cool with illuminated skin and colorless lip gloss.

Who has brown eyes and green, you can invest in the color purple, is very nice and super combines with peach blush.

The moss-green is discreet and can even replace the traditional black mascara, the trick is to combine it with lipstick to darker shades.

If you choose pink mascara, tip, in this case, is to invest in a skin made and an eyeliner in brown tone, to give a broken in strong color pink tone of the eyelashes.

When to avoid

It is worth noting, however, that although it is super trendy and be the man of the season, in more formal environments, as the work and more serious occasions, this colorful mask is not advisable.

The tip is to leave to use the colorful mask as a resource for a make-up for night, or in a relaxed way with friends, because it’s called a lot of attention, leaving the eyes.

However, it is worth remembering that the important, always, is to feel good and beautiful, so, if your job allows greater relaxation in look, throw yourself, without fear of being happy!