How to Customize Women’s Clothes Step by Step

Get an old T-shirt and leave it with a new face with this colorful tip!

See what a cool tip to leave your dress with a cool look! Old clothes and leftovers in our wardrobe are always welcome in these customization tutorials. After all, it is always helpful to be able to give a new face to the clothes in an easy way and that can be done at home by you. Follow the PAP that we will introduce you below and make your art also in any way you prefer.

It is only to provide the necessary materials-which are very simple, by the way-and then have them seen in the confection. Who loves to customize clothes, will enjoy this post a lot. You’re going to make super cute colorful stripes to spruce up your outfit. Check it!


– Clothes to be decorated
– Adhesive tapes
– Pinel
– Paint to paint fabric
– Cardboard
– Marker of black fabric

Step by step

First wash the laundry, let it dry, and then wipe the iron so it is tight. Decide where your stripes will stay and attach the cardboard between the clothes so that when you paint, do not soak the other fabric from the back with paint. So put this cardboard in the middle of your shirt and enjoy to put tape, pinning well.

With the cardboard already attached to the inside of your clothing, start pasting the adhesive tapes parallel to the inside edge of the chosen fabric. Do as you are showing the photo, gluing each strip closely together of the other.

Note that for this composition, 9 parts of adhesive tapes were used to make 4 colored stripes. Take out some of the strips, so you have 4 empty spaces to paint and decorate.

Soon after you can start to paint. Take the brush, go melting in the paint of the color you prefer and paint in one of the spaces that you left. Each space you paint a color. In this step by step were used the colors orange, yellow, lime green and shock pink, but you use the colors you find the best.

When the inks dry, paint again to give a new coat of paint and make your colors more vivid. Do it again, especially if the fabric is black or dark like the one in this tutorial. Go painting until you feel the paints are in the colors you want. Follow this way and fill each space well, leaving a little more stripped on the top.

After giving a few coats and noticing that the colors are already cool, you will expect to dry completely. When the inks are very dry, it is time to remove the remaining adhesive tapes.

With the black marker, you make the final finish and adjust any imperfections that may exist in your color composition.

What do you think? I hope you have tanned and can make your very creative too. With this tip you can go back to wearing those clothes that are forgotten in the closet. Also make and delight your friends with this easy-to-make clothing customization at home. Good luck in creating this fabric decoration and the next idea, THESCIENSETUTOR.