How to Choose USB Hub

For many of us is over the time of investing on a desktop computer and we buy a laptop. Same powerful PC of all life, but with the versatility that it can take anywhere. We no longer have the desktop and the laptop originating two teams with two configurations, with the portable us is more than enough would often not has happened leaving home with the laptop and see that a program to install missing you?

But there is a problem, if we have bought us a fine notebook, or a ultrabook, we will have 3 or 4 USB ports which may become insufficient when working. One or two ports for keyboard and mouse, one for an external hard drive (powered or not), another that will want it to use other units to smaller USB storage, printer and scanner (we will have luck if it is a multifunction), if unit dvd without problems, but but a unit of these characteristics by USB, card readers, even speakers USB powered… all not going to be used at the same time… surely , but that with these ports we will short or tight, I’m still more secure.

As well is that it raises the need to multiply the ports, one into several, and this we call USB Hub, or as some friends say, “a thief of usbs”, making the analogy to electricity.

Come to this situation, some of you are going to the nearest store and you buy the USB HUB cheaper and easier, and I have to indicate that it is a serious mistake.

You have to take into account that many of the USB devices that you use feed directly at that port, and if you put a Hub you will be increasing the tension of the same, and therefore the capacity that an overload to heat up and damage.

So we have to take into account that there are two types of USB port hubs.

  • Without power supply or “Bus-powered”: takes the power from the USB bus (from the computer). These concentrators can be up to four ports and they support only the connection of low-consumption devices, i.e., that have a maximum consumption of 100mA each, up to a total of 500mA. (400mA for 4 devices more 100mA for feeding of the own HUB).
  • With power supply or “Self-powered”: they have their own external power supply, the theoretical limit to the number of ports on this type of hub is 127.

How to choose the model?

  • Without power supply or “Bus-powered”: in those cases you are going to connect a mouse, keyboard, card reader, a memory external USB, or similar things that power consumption is minimal.
  • With “Self-powered” or power supply: in those cases you are going to connect a hard drive external (especially if it is not powered), scanner external (especially if it is not powered), printer or multifunction, USB powered speakers hereby… in short, everything that we see carrying a mechanical part and therefore an extra of power.