How to Choose the Right Pool

Do you want to ensure the joy of family and friends? Have a pool, mount it on the outer space of the house and enjoy the pleasant, refreshing and fun moments with loved ones! As there are two types in the market, inflatable pool and the pool of love, we separated some tips to choose the ideal model for your family.

Inflatable pool
The support of the inflatable pool happens by the edges of the wings, which are inflated by air. To build this model, you will need the aid of a pump. There are available various shapes and sizes, ranging here as 400-200000 liters.

Pool love
The models pool set have a structure formed of metal tubes used as a frame to “stretch” the tarpaulin. The options behave from a thousand to more than 19,000 liters.

What to consider before buying your pool:
You have to look at some features and purchase some products to ensure the integrity of the pool and the comfort of users. – The floor must be completely flat and may not have stones or other objects, as they may puncture the pool – The mattresses and accessories pool also guarantee more fun; – consider purchasing pool covers to maintain cleanliness of the water. The accessory is also important to avoid waste, as it reduces water loss by evaporation; – Already lining pair the pool, placed on the ground, it is essential to protect the bottom of it because it prevents direct contact of PVC waste that can damage the product;    – Remember that the ladder to the pool is considered a safety feature as it assists the input and output. It is recommended to install it when the inflatable part is over 10,000 liters; – Cleaning is an important issue, so be sure to read the special material on water treatment  that we reserve for you; – There is available inflatable pools with children’s pools and theme arming small children and babies. Learn to play in the water help to work different parts of the body.