How to Choose the Ideal Toy for Dog

  • Size, colors and other details should be taken into account before buying a toy for the dog. Learn how to find the perfect item for your fun buddy!

How to Choose the Ideal Toy for Dog

You can’t resist and are buying a new toy for your dog? Just go to the Pet Shop, who is buying a souvenir? Certainly, they love to win balls, bones, Critters and other treats that can be easily found in stores, but you can pick the ideal toy for your dog? Initially, the owner should take into consideration the characteristics that are associated with the dog, such as the gut, behavior and personality.

Buy toys that have colors that can be easily noticed by the dog, i.e. tones that can be seen in any kind of environment. It is important that the owner buy items that don’t get deleted in the rooms of the House, that is, if the floor is white, don’t buy a white ball. Consider all the details and colors of the room.

Stimulate your dog’s sense of smell through toys, allowing placement of snacks. In addition to teaching, they are great fun and your friend will love the novelty. Place the cookies or his favorite food.

Don’t buy big toys or too small, so, take into consideration the size and buy items that let your dog can play safely and easily. Beware of very small objects, not to run the risk of the dog swallow and choke, which can be fatal.

Be careful with toys that collapses easily, i.e. that have lines, batteries and other items. To play with them, the dog can chew and swallow the smaller parts. Always remember to supervise the dogs while playing, so he doesn’t take any chances.

If you are in doubt about some kind of toy, whether it is suitable or not, or if features some kind of risk, talk to your vet, so he can clarify all doubts and this way the your dog can play safely.

How about changing the environment of fun? Take your dog for a walk in a park, square or some other location open. He’ll love having fun in a different place and you will be able to socialize and play with other animals. You can, for example, take a ball or other object and play him pick up and then return.

Or if you prefer, you can take the opportunity to go for a walk and have fun next to your best friend. So use creativity and imagination to do different and fun games.