How to Choose Child Skirt

Choosing skirt for a child can be a tricky task. What is the best color?What size?  What length? These questions usually assault the mind at the time of buying the skirt. Even because stores often have clothes divided by ages and not always the child has the size or weight according to the age that has and what can happen is the skirt become good waist but very short or long. This article explains, in an easy way, what details to take into account before and during the purchase of a children’s skirt.

How to Choose Child Skirt

Before leaving for the purchase of the skirt measure the child of height, waist and hip. That way when you go to the store you will know exactly what measures to ask the maid or you can choose alone, because there are numbers where you can guide. There is no specific size for each age because the measurement depends a lot on the body type of the child.

For chubby children avoid choosing evasion or wheel skirt models because this will increase the feeling of width at the hip and the child will look more full. Choose, in these cases, for right and knee models. Also avoid very short and / or fair skirts, as this would expose the thigh a lot, which is not advisable in chubby girls.

For tall and thin girls choose a longer skirt that is more or less at knee height. According to homosociety, the longer skirt disguises the height and the girl will not seem so tall. In this case also choose a skirt type evasé or pleated to give volume, which will make the girl look a little more chubby.

If necessary, take a tape measure with you so you can measure the skirt in the store before you buy. Make sure that the skirt will be fine, thus avoiding the job of having to sew or having to change the skirt afterwards. First choose the model of the skirt, the other details come later.

Choose the color of the skirt by keeping in mind these two parameters: lighter colors should be used to go out or for special events, darker colors can be used on a daily basis. By following these two criteria you will pay attention to the child’s needs, that is, a clear skirt is easier to get dirty and therefore should be reserved for special days while a dark color gives the child more freedom to play If dirty with so much ease.