How to Choose and How to Use Backpacks?

At a time when you are beginning to think about going back to school, it is time to make the right choices when buying children’s backpacks. Choosing a backpack suitable for children’s ages is essential to prevent future problems in your spine. The Look at Your Back Campaign alerts you to the dangers of using an inadequate backpack and the consequences of excess weight carried by children.


– The weight of the backpack loaded with school supplies must not exceed 10% of body weight;
– The backpack should have wide, cushioned and adjustable straps;
– The backpack should have an adjustable belt at the waist to help distribute the weight;
– The back of the backpack should be cushioned and should be as close to the child’s back;
– The size of the backpack should be the size of the child’s / youth’s back. Once placed, the upper part should lie just below the neck and the lower part should be at waist level;
– You should not carry the backpack on one shoulder;
– At the time of arranging the books, the heaviest school supplies should be at the column;
– The backpack with wheels should be used on children who make long walking journeys. Even in these backpacks, attention must be paid to the size of the rope that pulls the backpack (the angle of the child’s arm to pull the backpack should not exceed 30º);