How to Choose a Good Sheet

Buying a bedtime couch either because of the upcoming wedding, a new life living away from parents or even renovating what you already have at home is a bit of a chore, but it can also be fun. Bedding, besides having the goal of promoting comfort for the moment of sleep, express the personality of the people, because they are very personal items that make up the decoration of the house.

While setting up a trousseau is exciting, choosing each item may cause some doubt as there are numerous possibilities of formats and materials according to LOVERISTS.

The general expectation regarding bed linen is that it helps to decorate the room, being in harmony with all the environment and style of decoration chosen and lasts for many years, so it is important to study the subject to invest not only in beauty, But also in quality.

The Choice Of Material

One of the first things to think about when buying a good sheet is the material from which it is formed. Besides the desired quality of durability, no one wants to sleep on a fabric that causes temperature or texture to be uncomfortable.

In order not to make the wrong choice and not to buy perspiration or bedding, ideally bedding should be 100% cotton or predominantly cotton, since other materials, such as polyester, Some advantages such as wrinkle resistance, durability and color retention, do not have the soft touch of natural fibers and do not let the skin breathe as they are made of plastic.
Among the wonderful natural fibers, Egyptian cotton and Pima Cotton are the best quality materials, that is, they give rise to soft sheets that do not form polka dots and last a long time.

Number Of Wires

The number of yarns in the sheets is also a relevant feature as to their quality and comfort, as the larger the number of yarns per inch the softer and longer the fabric.
The minimum number of yarns so that a sheet is cuddly and does not tear easily are 200 yarns per inch, and the more yarns above this number the sheet has, the softer the texture of the cotton and the more this material will resemble the satin texture.


In order for the perfect sheet chosen to fit the bed, it must have the size indicated for it. See below for sizes according to bed measurements and know what measures to look for on the label before buying:
One meter and 40cm: Standard size sheet, that is, for Common Box bed;
One meter and 60cm: Queen Size bed sheet;
One meter and 80cm: sheet size King Size;
Two meters: sheet size Super King Size.

What You Need To Contain In A Set

A complete set which contains several matching items and makes the bed look like the magazine model should include:
Get off the mattress;
Sheet to cover the bed, can be a normal sheet or sheet with elastic at the edges;
Scarves for cover, with edge of the side to reverse;
Pillow and pillow covers;

Items For Basic Bedding

To make a basic outfit and not have to think about bedding, because you already have everything, nor worry about quantity for frequency of change and washing, you must buy:
Four sets of day-to-day sheets-natural fibers such as cotton;
Two sets of embroidered sheets-for special occasions;
Two sets of sheets for visits;
Two quilts of piquet or crochet;
Two duvets;
Two blankets;
A mattress protector;
Four pillows;
Two pillows for visitors;
Four separate pillowcases.

How To Clean The Bed Well

The way to make the bed neat and beautiful with the choice of bed linen is simple: straighten the linen sheet, extend the other cover sheet, leaving out the fold that is inside out, put the bed cover over everything , Fold part of the cover sheet that is inside out. Finally, place the pillowcases on the pillows and lay one over the other or let them rest on the headboard.