How to Buy a Sports Bra?

For me one of the biggest and best buys that we do when we start practice exercise regularly, in addition to some tennis, are sports bras. In the first practice I realized how uncomfortable it can be a simple jump without having the due support. And run? I can tell you that until you find the right and ended up going with the knockers, hand or wrists to squeeze them against his chest. Terrible!!

So I put hands there is work and googled until I hurt my eyes, figuring out the best bras that were accessible . And if sometimes you have to go through trial error, I leave you my tips, what I learned in the pursuit of the ideal sport bra.

  1. Find sports bras that have “spaces” for each boob. Reduce the movements and support better than the simple shelf bras.
  2. Be measured by someone. Don’t get the sure of the size, as are with Cagney more protected. These measures serve both to “normal” as bras for the sports. Can get help for this in almost every lingerie stores (and forget the embarrassment, there’s nothing we have that the other ladies have never seen!)
  3. Try to buy those that have sizes as the “normal”, with size and canopy, instead of S, M, L or XL – usually serve better and are more comfortable.
  4. Be attentive to the seams and points that help support the Tatas, not only can cause itching, asnuisance or even diaper rash!
  5. Choose high-performance fabrics they douse not with sweat and minimize friction (woven breathable).
  6. I have several to give turnover between washings and for that last longer – as the “normal” clean Bras may be used more than once before washing, but never on consecutive days, so that the fabric “breathes” and not appear fungi and/or bacteria.
  7. Choose bras of different impacts, or depending on the sport more practice. High impact for intense and low-impact sports to things like yoga. When they don’t know which one to use, it is best to choose always the greatest impact.
  8. Before buying try the store! Just to be aware the last time I bought was in Adidas sport bras and out of the dressing room I guess they thought that I was doing who knows what. I jumped, I pretended I was swimming, I ran in place, I shook so hard that I could look like I was having an attack on anyone who saw me. If pica, brushes, makes it difficult to breath or leave something out of place then it’s not right!

Of all the sports bras I’ve ever experienced what I liked the most and felt better was with the Adidas racerback sports bra that has ClimaCool system, breathable and does not absorb sweat. You can find it in JaneSportsbras.