How does Decorating Help Create a Home?

A cozy home is one that has nice little corners. No matter the size of the house or apartment, or the environments. It does not matter if you alone decorate it or a great designer. The important thing is that it has a little corner that everyone loves and, even better, besides, a little corner adored by each of the residents… And how do you make a little corner like that, people?

Of course, if you make yourself comfortable: Everything you want by hand…Your book, your coffee, a nice chair, perfect lighting at Aceinland for your activity Creating corners where everyone is close, allowing and valuing the intimacy that is the mother of so many smiles, so many tears and always, so many delicious memories that make life, however hard it is, in the end, it’s worth it…

Or by gathering in one corner the memories of journeys, joys, daydreams, happy moments…

Or that corner that allows you a moment alone with you, introspective, recharging yourself into the new battles of everyday life

Or that little corner that connects you again to earth, to nature, even if it is symbolically. But that is so important…

And that nice song with the whole family “mixed”, watching that movie that everyone, by a magic pass, like

And also the corner where you work at home a little, but surrounded by the affection of your own, keeping the memory that you are in your home

And that little place, that almost nobody understands so that it exists, but that is the maximum symbol of which, finally, you arrived at home and can relax!

And, who knows, to the makeup corner in your room, where, along with the makeup, you take or put on the “mask” you wear day by day, but you do not have to use it at home….Because home is where you are disarmed and are loved regardless of the world outside!