How Do I Set the Date of My Watch?

The date display for clocks is the most frequent additional function and also the most practical. If you want to set a clock with date display, however, caution is advised. If the clock has stopped between nine and three o’clock, you do not know whether it was at this time in the morning / afternoon or evening / night. If, for example, the clock stopped at 10 pm, all the wheels for the date switching are already in operation. If you now adjust the date, you can damage the date disc. Therefore, first rotate the crown over midnight (the date switches), and then approximately at the correct time. Then set the date over the half-drawn crown to the correct day and wait until the seconds hand has turned a whole round.Now pull out the crown completely so that the clock does not continue and set the correct time. It is best to have a radio clock on hand, wait until it reaches the full minute and press the crown back in at the moment – so your mechanical watch or clock runs on the second.

In Our Video, We Will Show You Step By Step How To Adjust The Date Of Your Mechanical Clock:

Thomas Wanka, chief editor of the WATCH MAGAZINE, also met an expert on the talk: watchmaker master Helga Abeln works in jeweler Wempe’s Hamburg central workshop and knows what to look for:

“The day has 24 hours, but the clock only shows twelve. When setting the clock you have to pay attention to when the date jump occurs, so that it is not midnight at midday, so the date jumps. In addition, in the switching phase of the date, approximately between 9:00 pm and 3:00 am, numerous clock parts of the factory are connected to the date circuit and could be damaged by the fast circuit. For safety, turn the hands up to 4:00, better 6:00, and then correct the date with the quick switch. “